YouTube Helps Cover Up China’s Atrocities

YouTube and Google is helping hide the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party. Over the years, we’ve been hit hard with demonetization, age restriction, or even had videos removed. And I’ve noticed a pattern to what gets flagged—any footage from China that makes the Communist Party look bad. They say we violate the vague YouTube Community Guidelines. But is that really what’s going on? Or is it something much sinister? And yes, this episode is demonetized…

China Uncensored

If YouTube/Google is okay with brutality, abuse and genocide in China, imagine how happy they would be when it happens (against Whites) in North-West Europe, North America, Australia and South Africa.

Big Tech (AmazonAppleFacebookGoogle, and Microsoft) clearly hate their White working class host.

The same goes for MSM.

YouTube REMOVES the Dislike Button Because Biden Keeps Getting NUKED With Dislikes

Susan Wojcicki (29393944130) (cropped).jpg
Susan Wojcicki (CEO of YouTube)

Susan Diane Wojcicki (/wʊˈtʃɪtski/ wuu-CHITS-kee; born July 5, 1968) is the CEO of YouTube. She has been in the tech industry for over 20 years.

Wojcicki was involved in the founding of Google, and became Google’s first marketing manager in 1999. She later led the company’s online advertising business and was put in charge of Google’s original video service. After observing the success of YouTube, Wojcicki proposed the acquisition of YouTube by Google in 2006, and has served as CEO of YouTube since 2014.

Wojcicki has an estimated net worth of $580 million.

Susan Diane Wojcicki was born on July 5, 1968 to Esther Wojcicki, an educator of Jewish descent, and Stanley Wojcicki, a Polish American physics professor at Stanford University. She has two sisters: Janet Wojcicki, (PhD, anthropologist and epidemiologist) and Anne Wojcicki, founder of 23andMe.

Wojcicki has been an advocate for several causes, including the expansion of paid family leave, the plight of Syrian refugees, countering gender discrimination at technology companies, and getting girls interested in computer science and prioritizing coding in schools.

Wojcicki endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Susan Wojcicki – Wikipedia

How Germans Viewed Their Invasion and Occupation of Poland

After the German conquest of Poland was completed the occupation began. What were the views of ordinary Germans of their invasion of Poland and subsequent occupation? There was Bloody Sunday and the German executions and expulsions of Poles to the General Government. In this video more about the German perspective on World War II.

History Hustle

Hitler watching German soldiers march into Poland in September 1939

German Victory Parade in Warsaw 1939

Hitler attends a Wehrmacht victory parade in Warsaw on 5 October 1939

The Polish Atrocities Against The German Minority In Poland…!

Hans Schadewaldt – The Polish Atrocities against the German Minority in Poland

Polish atrocities against Germans

United States War Department – The German Campaign In Poland: September 1 To October 5, 1939…! (PDF)

About National Socialism, Pan-European Nationalism, Waffen SS and Hitler Worshiping.

About Pan-European Nationalism and Waffen SS Worshiping

Hitler and the East

Generalplan Ost

About National Socialism

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China’s conquest of the South China Sea is the end of the International Rules

South China Sea

I wholly concur with the penetrating analysis and categorical contention of retired Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio that the “United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, an international treaty adopted in 1982, will collapse if China succeeds in taking over the rest of the South China Sea.”

In fact I will even argue that the said grim scenario will signal not only the collapse of the UNCLOS, but also the withering, if not death of the various international principles and conventions where that treaty is but a small part or element.

China’s conquest of the South China Sea is the end of the International Rules-Based Order – Additional survival tricks

What would a total nuclear war between China and the US look like?

China Iran Deal Makes the US Weak

China Prepares for War with US Over Taiwan

China is weaponising wokeness

Chinese Fishermen VS US Coast Guard?! | China’s Maritime Militia

Americans view China as THE ENEMY as CCP Prepares for War

US military is preparing for a war with China

Chinese state media pushing glowing endorsements of Joe Biden

Has China CO-OPTED American Media?

China LOVES US Capitol Chaos | Mass Arrests in Hong Kong

Chinese Official: We Subvert America Through Wall Street Jews

China “Prepares for War” With US

Can US Avoid a “Great Power War” with China?

US Navy will buy up to $5.6 billion worth of Italian frigates (and will make them uglier)

China Blames America for the Coronavirus Outbreak

‘Anti-Ship Budget Seriousness’: US Navy Buying Hundreds of Missiles to Take on China’s Fleet.

USA vs China: Global Economy & the Arms Race of a new Cold War

China vs USA: Geopolitics of the new Cold war

China vs USA: Trade war

Beijing warns US, outsiders not to amplify old disputes in South China Sea

South China Sea

About USA

How China Is Secretly Changing Everyone’s Maps

China vs. Philippines | Dangerous Dispute in South China Sea

China authorises coast guard to fire on foreign vessels

Chinese Missile Launch in South China Sea

Beijing warns US, outsiders not to amplify old disputes in South China Sea

Territorial disputes in the South China Sea

China Builds “Peaceful Missile Launchers” in South China Sea

Vietnam vs China Over Oil in South China Sea

What China Has Been Building in the South China Sea

China Tells Military to Prepare for War (again)

Great wall of sand

Spratly Islands dispute

What China Has Been Building in the South China Sea

China’s Plan to Conquer the Ocean

More about China-stan

Is Taiwan’s Military Prepared for a Chinese Invasion?

China Fights Taiwan in Fiji

China Sends Warplanes, Escalates Threat to Taiwan

Taiwan: It Could Be a Very Risky Confrontation

Bloody Invasion of Taiwan Could Lead to War with USA

China’s INVASION Plan for TAIWAN

Can China invade Taiwan within a year?

10 Things People Get WRONG About TAIWAN

Taiwan Declares It’s Been a Country the WHOLE TIME

China’s Plan to Conquer the Ocean

China vs Australia

China suspected of cyber attack on Western Australia’s Parliament during state election

Revenge! China’s New Warning to Australia

China Becomes Belligerent, Australia Fights Back

China Is Trying to Crush Australia

The frightening list of foreign interests trying to influence the Australian federal election

Australia Says NO to Chinese Tech over Spy Fears

Inevitable bursting of Real Estate Bubbles in Australian inner cities.

Chinese Military-Linked Huawei Gets $100M Australia Contract

Trade war traps: Australia has to ban unlicensed export of its formula milk.

Australia: Beast Mode On — Australasian Perspectives

Australia-China Warship “Confrontation”!

MP Craig Kelly: How China Is Influencing Australian Politics

Australia Restricts Chinese Money

Is Australia Being Racist Against Chinese? No!

Book on Chinese Censorship Gets Censored in Australia

How Australian Tax Dollars Help China’s Military

How China is Buying Australian Politics

New Zealand MP Taught Chinese Spies

Kiwi Report: New Zealand 2016 in Review

Canada’s Pro-China Deep State

Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases

US-Japan Military Drill to Counter China

China Threatens Japan in Disputed Waters

Why China Fears Japan’s Military

Can China invade Japan? (If USA is neutral)

How Japan Could Sink China’s Navy in a War ?

China vs Japan: Military forces comparison

China-Russia MOON BASE Begins

China Holds Joint Naval Drills with Russia, Iran in Indian Ocean

Chinese and Russian Economies Continue to Integrate – Another Small Example of Fruits, Veggies, and Rail Lines

Italy’s China City: Sweatshops to Wedding Shops

How China Is Infiltrating Greece (and Europe)

How China Will Infiltrate Europe (Using the Czech Republic)

16 Prostitutes + 1

Why is CHINA investing in the BALKANS?

How China Is Taking Over Europe’s Ports | CCP Trade, Economy, and Politics

China Holds Joint Naval Drills with Russia, Iran in Indian Ocean

Chinese and Russian Economies Continue to Integrate – Another Small Example of Fruits, Veggies, and Rail Lines

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Excerpt From: Burning Souls by Leon Degrelle

Leon Degrelle was the head of a Belgian militant monarchist and anticommunist Parti Rexiste. Following German occupation of Belgium, Degrelle and his party loyalist enlisted in the Wehrmacht-organized Walloon Legion and fought on the eastern front during World War 2. He was a highly decorated soldier due to his ferocity and extreme bravery.

Excerpt From: Burning Souls by Leon Degrelle – Mannerbund

Léon Degrelle portrait.jpg

Léon Degrelle

SS-Obersturmbannführer (lieutenant colonel)

Belgian Waffen-SS Foreign Legion Commander.

Born 15 June 1906.

Died 31 March 1994

Leon Degrelle’s Escape to Spain 1945

Tintin & Léon Degrelle

Read about WWII here

Soviet Anti-Tanks Dogs: Everything You Know is Wrong

Pure evil!

Soviet Anti-Tank Dogs, “Tankhunde” or “Minenhunde” as the Germans called them are often mentioned, yet the sources and claims are quite often very dubious for this reason in this video I looked at Soviet and German sources about these dogs, because they provide a better insight and tackle a few of the various claims aka the dogs went for Soviet tanks due to the diesel engine smell and/or sound, which seems to be mostly hogwash.

Military History not Visualized

Read about WWII here

Soviet Whaling: A Study in Evil

Chinese City Bans Eating Cats And Dogs To Convince The West That Chinese Are Actually ‘Human’

Ban on Eating Dogs and Cats Blocked in UK — It Might Offend Asian Migrants

Yulin Dog Meat Festival CONTINUES!!!

Yulin dog eating festival: 3000 dogs skinned alive, blow-torched then served-up as food

Why China’s dog eating festival is a wake-up call to the world

The 14 Worst ‘Festivals’ Still Taking Place Today

Justice For Tiny Puppy Skinned Alive And Tossed In A Garbage Can To Die!


Stop killing dogs in Ukraine | “OUR WORLD”

TIME Magazine Wants Your Dog To Die Because Veterinarians Are “Too White”

Man’s Best Friend 1

Man’s Best Friend 2

School choice backer, BLM critic wins Essex school board seat

Last summer, young mom and part-time assistant teacher Liz Cady of Essex Town told the local school board her concerns about school spending, remote learning and Black Lives Matters.

School choice backer, BLM critic wins Essex school board seat — Vermont Folk Troth

About ‘Black Lives Matter’ in USA (2020)

Antifa and BLM Arsonist ARRESTED For Causing Wildfires, 7 Dead Including a 12-Year-Old Boy.

BLM Declares That Burning Looting & Murder is For Reparations

Black Lives Matter torched Danish Brotherhood Lodge in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Black Militia Threaten White People and Kill 8 Year Old | Media Silent

BLM Terrorists Kill White Woman for Saying All Lives Matter | Media Silent

California Shuts Down Economy Again Due to COVID-19 Spike…Just Weeks After Massive BLM Riots.

Texas News: More BLM Violence Against Whites in Houston

Black Privilege: Why Are Seattle Anarchists Coddled When Malheur Protestors Were Murdered?

The United States of South Africa

Atlanta is Turning into an Open War Zone

Atlanta BLM Creates No Cop Zone | Immediately Start Shooting Each Other

Black Lives Matter protests spread coronavirus among black people, but media blame Trump instead.

White Female Torn From Vehicle, Stomped in Street by BLM During Riot in York, Pennsylvania.

Black Lives Matter Organizer: ‘Give Me Money or We’ll Break Windows’

Minneapolis Has Become a WASTELAND After BLM and ANTIFA Destroyed the City, It Looks Like a War Zone.

Another Democrat Led American City is Burning and being Looted by Blacks, Go Figure

Minneapolis Riots: Looting & Arson After Floyd Death Says More About BLM Than Anything Else.

Black Looters Attacking White Handicapped Woman

More Black on White Crime from Rioters and Looters

Black Lives Matter Declares WAR on Police and is Militarizing in ARMED Black Panther Style Patrols.

About ‘Black Lives Matter’ in USA (2021)

“White Privilege” – White Child Adopted by BLM Supporter Black Reality TV Star Beaten to Death

Crime rates up after Democrats sided with BLM and Antifa against police

Justice Department “Civil Rights” Nominee Is Fan Of Antifa Troll Who Incites Followers To Murder GOP Congressmen