Heinrich Wenck

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Heinrich (Henry) Emil Charles Wenck (10 March 1851 – 3 February 1936) was a Danish architect, known for the numerous railway stations he designed in his capacity of chief architect for the Danish State Railways from 1894 to 1921. During the years Wenck held the post, the railway network in Denmark experienced a strong expansion and he designed around 150 stations of which 15 are listed today. Among these are Copenhagen Central Station and the Øresund Railway stations which are examples of his National Romantic and Historicist styles. From 1903 he was a titular professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

København Station (5706510557).jpg

Copenhagen Central Station

Copenhagen Central Station with Copenhagen Central Post Building down in left corner.

Copenhagen Central Station with Copenhagen Central Post Building down in center.

Centralpostbygningen København.jpg

Copenhagen Central Post Building (above and below)

Helsingør Station, 1891 (above and below)

Helsingør Station 2018a.jpg

Esbjerg - Hauptbahnhof4.jpg

Esbjerg Station (above and below)

Holstebro Station (below)

Holstebro Station 02.jpg

Korsør Station (below)

Østerport Station, 1897 Copenhagen (below)

Østerport station 2012.jpg

Gedser Station (below)

Noerresundby Station 2010 ubt.JPG

Nørresundby Station (above and below)

Viborg Station (below)

Banegården Viborg.JPG

Varde Vest Station.jpg

Varde Vest Station (above and below)

Espergærde Station (below)

Billede 105.jpg

Skodsborg Station (below)

Skodsborg Station 2.jpg

Humlebæk Station (below)

Humlebæk Station, entrance view.JPG

Nørre Åby Station (below)

Nørre Aaby Station TRS.jpg

Gelsted Station (below)

Gelsted Station TRS.jpg

Videbæk Station (below)

The station building has been a model of size 1:87 (HO) from the company Heljan.

Grindsted Station (below)


Hinnerup Station (below)

Hinnerup Station.jpg

Rødkærsbro Station (below)


Gilleleje Station (below)

Gilleleje Station TRS.jpg

Vejen Station (below)

Vejen station.JPG

Valby Station, Copenhagen (below)


Lygten Station, Copenhagen

Frihavnens Station (Free Port of Copenhagen)

Aarhus Goods Station (above and below)

Water towers for trains, near Copenhagen Central Station

Dsb vandtårn otto busses vej.JPG

Odense Station

Nivå Station

Nivå Station 30-07-04.jpg

Selected works:



Fortifications of Copenhagen

Kastellet and the Fortification Ring, Copenhagen, Denmark

Københavns Toldbod – Copenhagen Custom Tax Buildings

Københavns Frihavn – Copenhagen Freeport

Rosenborg Castle

Christiansborg Slot – Christiansborg Castle

Christiansborg Bunker

Amalienborg Palace

Frederiksberg Palace, Frederiksberg City Hall / Command Central

Moltke’s Mansion

The Lur Blowers Monument

Copenhagen 1960s

Copenhagen, Denmark

Winter in Denmark


King of the hill: Elephants, elegance and 170 years of Carlsberg


Retired crane becomes luxury-retreat


Paedophile jailed after being found with a locked cabinet of child-sized bras he kept as ‘trophies’

Samiral Choudhury, 30, from Entwistle Street, Rochdale. The drug dealer’s dark secret of child sex abuse was exposed by amazing fingerprint technology.

Samiral Choudhury, 30, from Entwistle Street, Rochdale. The drug dealer's dark secret of child sex abuse was exposed by amazing fingerprint technology.

It was the chance discovery of a set of keys to a locked metal cabinet that led detectives to drug dealer Samiral Choudhury, and exposed him as a serial child molester.

Unsuspecting cops had stopped his car in Entwistle Street, Rochdale, in 2017 as part of a huge investigation into the supply of cocaine and heroin to the North West.

A kilo of cocaine was found in the vehicle and Choudhury was arrested and later jailed for four years after admitting intent to supply a Class A drug.

But a mystery set of keys in his person were also seized. Later they were used to open a locked metal cabinet in his bedroom at his home.

Inside the cabinet there were ten child-sized bras and a USB stick, reports the Manchester Evening News.

On the USB stick and on Choudhury’s mobile phone police found indecent images of girls thought to be as young as seven.

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Image result for cities with muslim grooming gangs in uk

About UK – Rape

Actor Jussie Smollett to Be Indicted on 6 New Charges

Television actor Jussie Smollett will be arraigned Monday on a six-count indictment charging him with falsely reporting that he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack near his Chicago home.

Smollett, 37, was expected to plead not guilty to felony charges of disorderly conduct during his appearance in Cook County Circuit Court a day after Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared that he should be should be “held accountable” for falsely reporting a crime.

Source: Breitbart

Justin “Jussie” Smollett was born in Santa Rosa, California, and is the third of six children of Janet (née Harris) and Joel Smollett (1956–2014). He has three brothers and two sisters: Jake, Jocqui, Jojo, Jurnee, and Jazz, several of whom are also actors.

Smollett is biracial.  His mother is African-American and his father was Jewish (his family emigrated from Russia and Poland). He has said that his father would have “killed you if you called him white.”

His father was absent from his life for a significant portion of his childhood. He graduated from Paramus Catholic High School in Paramus, New Jersey. Smollett told his parents he was gay when he was 19.

Read more here from Wikipedia

(((Six million victim points)))

Jussie Smollett Just Got SUED BIG TIME by the City of Chicago

Police Gather to Protest Over Jussie Smollett Charges

Soros-Backed Kim Foxx Under Scrutiny for Dropping Smollett Charges

Prosecutors just spat in the face of Chicago cops in Jussie Smollett case

Everything you need to know about Hollywood and why you should boycott it

The Times They Are A Changin’ (For the Worst)

The Tactical Hermit

Trump names the first openly gay person to a cabinet-level position

So the new Director of National Intelligence is an Ass Bandit.

My how times have changed. Back in the old days of spying, being a Homo meant you were open to blackmail and coercion from the enemy. Now, you announce it from the rooftops to garner solidarity with other homo’s and show how “diverse” and “forward thinking” your administration is.

Politics is a crooked, dirty business.

Four years ago Trump waved a Gay Flag.

Now he’s hiring them for cabinet post.

Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Maybe “Trans-Gender” Chief Justices?

Who Knows.

Whatever it turns out to be, this IS NOT the America of our Forefathers anymore.

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School launches secret program to turn kids ‘trans’ without telling parents

A Wisconsin school district’s policy of allowing students of any age to transition to a different gender and use a different name while at school without parental notice or consent has drawn a lawsuit from angry parents.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty and the Alliance Defending Freedom are representing 14 individual parents from eight families who contend the policy violates constitutionally protected parental rights.

“This is a life-altering decision that educators have no business making,” said ADF Senior Counsel Roger Brooks.

Source: WND

Harvey Weinstein guilty on two charges, acquitted on others in New York sexual assault case

NEW YORK — Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of sexual assault in a New York court Monday, the first conviction to emerge from the dozens of misconduct allegations against the once-powerful movie producer.


The jury determined that Weinstein forced oral sex on former production assistant Mimi Haleyi at his apartment in July 2006 and raped former aspiring actress Jessica Mann at a hotel in 2013.


He was found not guilty of the most severe charge, predatory sexual assault, which would have acknowledged a pattern that included forcing sex on actress Annabella Sciorra in 1993 or 1994.


Weinstein, 67, faces at least five years and up to 25 on the count of first-degree criminal sex act for his assault on Haleyi, and up to four years on a third-degree rape count for the Mann encounter. The judge can consider running the sentences consecutively, for a maximum total of 29 years. Sentencing is scheduled for March 11.

Source: Washington Post

Harvey Weinstein Accused of Being Transgender In Court Testimony

About (((Harvey Weinstein)))

Lawsuit claims woman captured video of (((Harvey Weinstein))) assaulting her

Hillary supporter (((Harvey Weinstein))) thinks a ‘right wing conspiracy out to get me’ is reason he has been revealed as serial sexual harasser.

Rose McGowan Shifting Blame from Weinstein to Trump and Men

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Massachusetts city allowing illegal aliens to drive without a license

Vermont Folk Troth

City councilors in Cambridge, Massachusetts, voted to prohibit police officers from arresting illegal aliens if they are caught operating a vehicle without a license.

Under a newly passed city ordinance in Cambridge, residents are still legally required to carry a driver’s license if they are operating a vehicle, but local law enforcement has been ordered not to arrest illegal aliens caught driving without identification, Boston 25 News first reported.

The city ordinance, ordained Feb. 10, marks what appears to be the most lenient policy for undocumented immigrants and roadway rules.

The city councilors who passed the ordinance say it’s necessary given increased immigration enforcement emanating from the White House.

“We need to protect our community members from a federal government that’s out of control,” Cambridge City Councilor Quinton Zondervan said of the rule. “There are no other reasons for the police to arrest someone, give them a court summons…

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