After Supporting Black Rioters, Jews In L.A. Cheer As ‘Racist’ Police Arrive To Protect Their Neighborhoods

After expressing open solidarity with the violent protestors in the wake of the death of George Floyd, Jews in Los Angeles welcomed with loud cheers an army of police vehicles into their neighborhoods to protect their property.

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ADL Stokes Race War In America With Anti-White Inflammatory Race Baiting Propaganda.

The Unluckiest Generation In U.S. History

The “student loan debt” of the millennials is gigantic compared to that of other generations (though we are all debt victims). Student “loans” are a system guaranteed to suppress the family-formation prospects of the brightest young people, a sure formula for national disaster in a nation already veering toward Third World status culturally, legally, and especially genetically. 

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The life of a standard Boomer.

Unprecedented Decline?

Definitions and the High Ground

Time for America to Grow Up

We are all in this together!

Free Falling


Sweden (Sverigestan) is the most cucked White country!


Hold my soy milk!


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Morgoth’s Review

More Black on White Crime from Rioters and Looters

Who’s Recruiting, Mobilizing & Paying The Professionals Behind All This Mayhem

Jewish Mayor Jacob Fry Blames ‘White Supremacists’ For Minneapolis Riots And Destruction.

CNN Tells Idiots The Riots are Peaceful While They are Being Attacked

Black Looters Attacking White Handicapped Woman

Minneapolis Riots: Looting & Arson After Floyd Death Says More About BLM Than Anything Else.

Another Democrat Led American City is Burning and being Looted by Blacks, Go Figure

Unprecedented Decline?

Definitions and the High Ground

Time for America to Grow Up

We are all in this together!

We’re all Rhodesians now!

Survivalism & Prepping!?

Rhodesian COIN Tactics

File:Flag of Rhodesia (1968–1979).svg

Excellent piece on Counter-Insurgency Tactics.


While the Rhodesian forces never really developed a successful antidote to the guerrillas’ mobilization of the masses, they displayed consummate skill in defeating the guerrillas in combat. Even low-calibre units such as the Police Field Reserve could easily repel guerrilla attacks, though the insurgents tended to be more aggressive against units such as Guard Force and Internal Affairs.

In the years 1966-72, guerrilla activity, no matter how small the group, would invite the full attention of regular units and the Rhodesian Air Force. Insurgents were rapidly followed up by helicopter-borne patrols, and if they failed to re-cross the frontier were almost invariably hunted down. But from 1972 both the size and geographical spread of guerrilla incursions rapidly expanded. From 1976 every area of the country became affected by guerrilla operations. There were simply not enough well-trained Rhodesian soldiers to cover all the ground, and as increasing reliance was put on reserves, the problem of pinning down guerrillas so that they could be eliminated by superior firepower and tactics became acute.

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Requiem for Rhodesia

We’re all Rhodesians now!

Rhodesians Never Die

A Brief History Of Rhodesia

Rhodesia and South Africa: Military History

We’re all Rhodesians!

National Anthem of Rhodesia


Unprecedented Decline?

IS THE SPEED of the United States of America’s decline from world supremacy to impending Third World status unprecedented in history? Seems so to me at least. Argentina — once with one of the world’s highest per capita incomes — has certainly become Third World. But that took nearly a century and it never came even close to the preeminence achieved by the US. Believe me when I say that the US — assuming it stays United — is headed the same way as Argentina.


  • A country which recently had a Black president who kept all the loot for his own tribe and cronies
  • A country that fights over spoils on an ethnic basis
  • A  country in which a President can order the killing of anyone he chooses without legal constraint
  • A country whose constitution is ignored as a matter of course
  • A country with an increasingly militarised domestic police force
  • A  country in which emails, phone calls, and text messages can be intercepted without a warrant
  • A country whose judges rule not on the basis of the law rather on their political and social preferences
  • A  country with legislation (NDAA) that allows its military to arrest, imprison, and torture without due process
  • A country in which a bankrupt treasury debases the currency

What’s so special about the USA’s decline? To my mind, it’s resulted from marginalising the people who built the country to its former preeminence. In the younger age cohorts, such people are now a minority. A minority whose traditions, achievements, and culture are mocked and denied.

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Why are Argentina and Chile not like Australia and New Zealand?

Germanic People, the people who made America great.

“White Americans”

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