The Other “Refugee” Crisis

The figures are calculated from census data showing how many people born in each country are resident in Britain, how many are still at home and how many have moved elsewhere in Europe.

It shows there are around 654,000 Polish nationals in the UK out of 41.5million in Europe – meaning 1.6 per cent live here.

The scale of the migration from Lithuania is even more stark. A total of 108,000 Lithuanians live in Britain, some 3.4 per cent of all those in Europe. Lithuania has a much smaller population at around three million.

A total of 61,440 Latvians live in Britain – or 3.2 per cent of the 1.9million anywhere in Europe.

For Slovakia the figure is 1.2 per cent, for the Czech Republic 0.4 per cent, Estonia 0.7 per cent and Hungary 0.5 per cent.

Between 2004 and last year, the population of Eastern European migrants in Britain rose by 544 per cent, from around 167,000 to 1,077,000.

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All of east europe would look like this, without economic aid from EU:


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The other invasion

They should go home, too!


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