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National Action Expose Paki Paedo

After the British government consistently refused to take action about the wave of dirty pakis abusing young white girls, the heroes at National Action have begun to take matters into their own hands

Our boys pretend to be teenage girls online, get seduced by pakis and then confront the scum about their intended crime.

Paedo Hunt #occupypaedophilia

In a new series of investigative journalism National Action will be verbally confronting men who are seeking sex with underage white girls. It may shock many to know but what these men are doing is considered entirely legal by British authorities who view justice activism with contempt. The activist in this film is a seasoned paedophile hunter who has in the past submitted dozens of reports to the police and yet has never seen a single prosecution, even in cases where the potential offenders have handed themselves in to the police. Professional investigators such as Stinson Hunter who attempt to meet government practices has secured only an estimated 30 convictions in his years of work, and for this was attacked by the press and police spokesmen as an irresponsible vigilante, insisting that this work should be left to ‘government experts’. Two years ago a scandalous report on the failure of authorities to tackle the systematic abuse of ‘1400’ white girls (in the predominantly white town of Rotherham) by men of Asian heritage highlighted the institutionalised indifference of Police and Social Services to the systematic rape and exploitation of our people. Demonstrating on this issue has achieved nothing.

As the abuse of our young girls is condoned by the authorities who would certainly be much more interested in investigating the ‘far-right extremist’ submitting the report, we will be taking a new and alternative approach to that taken by the traditional Perverted Justice doctrine. Instead of operating under pretence of a serious and fruitless legal process, the pattern of which is recognised by all but the stupidest of paedophiles, thereby leaving a social clique which has never been exposed.

As nationalists we have been harassed by the media – our names and faces printed for millions without our consent even though most of the time we have been law abiding our entire lives – we see it fit that we should be able to conduct our own form of journalism. Unlike Stinson Hunter we will not be providing the full names or personal information of the accused we are simply giving visibility to a social issue, and free from red tape – putting the fear of god into those who would hurt our children. Investigators will confront paedophiles in a public place, they will film, socially shame, and are allowed to give chase, but that is all anyone will ever know. The point is to send a message, to make our presence known; that in front of young white girls stand a new breed of strong, determined, and moral men – National Socialists, who in their hearts wish death on all enemies of our race. To see us is to fear us – and it is fear in the eyes of men like Shyam and many more to follow is a message of hope we want to give to our people.

#occupypaedophilia is a tribute to the campaign of the Russian National Socialist and social media celebrity Tesak, he was ridiculously popular – the equivalent to Britain First in his own country. Taking his victims prisoner he would go into their space (hence ‘occupy’) and socially shame them, conducting lengthy interviews with them and submitting them to humiliation. Afterwards he would pass on details to the authorities in the knowledge that the pidars would be treated ruthlessly by police and he would be thanked for his work. Obviously the United Kingdom is very different but the spirit of anti-pederast terror is noble and worthy of emulation.

The original video submitted to the National Action YouTube channel racked up about 8000 views before it was taken down within 24 hours of being uploaded on grounds of bullying and harassment. We reached out to a small facebook group Patriotic Britons Against Mass Immigration (<1000 likes) and at the time this article was published had already circulated nearly 50,000 views, making it by far the most watched National Action video of all time, and the media have already shown an interest in this activity. To protect the anonymity of our investigators who do not wish to be harassed all future videos will be submitted anonymously and uploaded by a third parties in other countries. We will not be co-operating with the authorities in any way as it does not concern them until such a time as they take these crimes seriously. Expect to see more episodes in the future.