68-year-old Swedish woman feels deceived

68-year-old Swedish woman feels deceived

68-year-old Swedish woman feels deceived

An artists from the African country Uganda, dumped his 68-year-old Swedish wife after she had brought him to Europe.

The Ugandan artist Guvnor Ace (26) said in Uganda that he was madly in love with the 68-year-old Swedish woman he married. But when the couple came to Sweden he dumped her like a sack of potatoes and sought asylum in Norway.

The magazine Buzz Uganda reported last year of the marriage between the 26-year-old African man and the over 40 years older Swedish woman, which took place in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

“Some said it was a miracle while others said that love overcomes everything in their case,” wrote the newspaper.

The artist even released two singles in which he confessed his boundless love for the 68-year-old.

“The one you call elderly, I discovered secrets in her and she gives me love to the fullest,” reads one of the lyrics.

The singer was accused of “#DatingAnAncestor” for her money but refuted this saying “When we met, I had my own money. I was living well. True, she has her money but I love her for who she is. But we help each other financially, just like other couples do,” he said to Africa Today.

But after having brought the African man to Sweden, the woman soon realized that he had other plans than to spend his life with her.

He planned to dump her, which he did, to go seek asylum in Norway, and marry a young Ugandan woman instead.

“He told me to go shopping, and when I came back he had moved with her,” the disappointed 68-year-old wrote on Facebook.


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German manufactures demanded that Britain be allowed to continue trading with the EU without any barriers

The car-making industry said punishing Britain makes no sense – and it called on the German chancellor to give the UK a favourable trade deal.

‘Every possible measure must be undertaken to enable the continued free movement of goods and services between the UK and the other EU countries. Following British departure from the EU, it will be in nobody’s interest to make the international flow of goods more expensive by erecting customs barriers between Britain and the European continent.’

Germany sells more cars to Britain than to any other country, with 810,000 exported last year, Mr Wissman said. And half of the 2.6million cars made in Britain last year were built by German-owned firms such as BMW, which runs Mini and Rolls-Royce.

Mr Wissman said: ‘We should do everything we can to ensure that this success story will be continued. Now it is up to Brussels to take action.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3661255/Carry-trading-beg-German-car-bosses-Manufacturers-demand-Britain-allowed-continue-trading-EU-without-barriers.html#ixzz4Cq8rS0qx

Germany and France to replace Brussels in charge of EU?

Document leaked by Polish media indicates Germanу and France could be taking matters in their own hands without bothering to consult Brussels or any other EU countries. Document claimed to be presented to Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia at the meeting in Prague. It reportedly discloses intention to create ‘superstate’ within EU with center of power split between Paris and Berlin.


The Brexit vote

Britain has voted in its historic EU referendum. Also known as the Brexit vote, the EU referendum allowed Brits to decide whether to ‘remain” or “leave” the EU.

However, the vote count did not unfold as expected.

All of the votes have been counted, and 52% of voters voted “leave” while 48% voted “remain.”

Initially, stocks soared and the British pound rallied as voters headed to the polls. After the polls closed, the early results reflected a healthy lead for the ‘remain’ vote, which is what most experts had forecasted.

But a little after midnight in London, or 7pm in New York, the ‘leave’ vote won in the district of Sunderland by a shockingly wide margin. And as more and more votes were tallied, more and more districts confirmed that voters wanted to make their Brexit.

The British pound crashed to a 31-year-low and stock market futures plunged. Global markets are tumbling.

Economist Samuel Tombs characterized the event as “an act of economic self-harm with global ramifications.

“The potential for additional referendums could be more disconcerting if it threw the notion of a unified European economy into doubt,” Citigroup strategist Tobias Levkovich said last week. “In this respect, the Brexit vote itself is less important than a series of follow-on votes around the Continent.


Surrendering to Death

Surrendering to Death – Taki’s Magazine

Eagles of Death Metal recently finished a Canadian tour and I got to sit down with vocalist Jesse Hughes and discuss the Bataclan attack in Paris that killed 89 of his fans. You’d think he’d want to avoid the topic, but he was actually eager to get into it. He sees it as a catharsis.

Hughes is not happy with the way the media has treated the story. Details are randomly pulled from his interviews and entire angles are edited in later that are diametrically opposed to his beliefs. Jesse Hughes has been ordained as a minister by the Universal Life Church. He’s pro-gun, pro-Trump, and pro-life. He recognizes that Islam is the problem and political correctness is literally killing us.

Takimag: It’s hard to talk about the attack without sounding like you’re blaming the victims, but it’s impossible to deny fear of Islamophobia and fear of guns led to a lot of deaths that night.

Jesse Hughes: I saw fear fall like a blanket on the whole crowd and they fell like wheat in the wind—the way you would before a god. I was totally alert from the very beginning. The first thing I needed to do was find my girl. Fear took a backseat and “where’s my girl?” took over. I could smell gunpowder in the backstage area and I knew someone fired a round back there. I saw a guy with an FAL and when he turned to face me his eyes looked like marbles. He was stoned out of his mind, and we now know they were on Xanax and cocaine. I recognized him. I’d seen him earlier in the day and noticed him staring at us.

They were in the venue early. That implies some staff were in on it.

I got in a lot of trouble for saying that. I know for sure that they were in there early. I remember them staring at my buddy. I just chalked it up to Arab envy. You know what I mean? When a Muslim sees a cocky American dude with tattoos, he stares at him. I realized later it was Abdeslam and he was staring at my buddy because they thought he was a threat. There’s no denying the terrorists were already inside, and they had to get in somehow. During the shooting I went outside and the backstage door was propped open. How did that happen?

Do you think political correctness is killing our natural instincts and making us vulnerable?

Definitely. There were two girls who were involved. They were at the venue and vanished before the shooting, and these women were in traditional Muslim garb. They knew people wouldn’t check them because of the way they were dressed. They got caught a few days later.

The fear of offending Muslims is a terrorist’s greatest weapon.

“When the cops went in after the attack, they shut down, what, 450 mosques? They found recruitment material in every single one of them.”

Look at the guys who bombed Brussels. They were wearing black gloves on one hand. Their luggage was too heavy to lift, but they didn’t want anyone helping them with it. Nobody brought any of this up until after the bombs went off.

We’d rather die than be called a bigot.

How is a faith being associated with racism? Just take out the word “Islam” and replace it with “communism.” It’s an ideology. The same way the Rosenbergs could sell nuclear secrets from within America is the same way Muslim terrorists can attack us from within. It’s okay to be discerning when it comes to Muslims in this day and age.

Where is this push coming from? Is it all our fault?

Of course not. When you’re at a soccer game in Europe and you see the words “United Arab Emirates,” you know there is a lot of Arab money floating around and influencing the dialogue. The conversation is constantly being steered away from scrutiny. They think we’re fools.

Arab money is a pollutant. So many movies are made with Arab money. George Clooney doesn’t kiss the ass of the Arabs for no reason. American movies are the best way to influence the hearts and minds of the world.

You never see bad guys in movies who are Arab terrorists. It’s always Germans or French…

Or conservative Christian rednecks. They’re apparently what’s wrong with everything in the world now, including global warming. What about the other ice age we went through? There were no Christian Republicans back then. What caused that meltdown?

The other problem with that is, when you get rid of these Christian rednecks, you create a vacuum and it gets filled with people way worse. It gets filled with Islam. You end up replacing evangelism with sharia law.

Politicians behave better when they know people are watching. We behave better when we believe Jesus is watching us.

These atheists tell us we don’t need religion, yet everyone seems to be creating flimsy substitutes to replace it. Rehab is just Lent. Meditation is just Latin Mass. Seeing a therapist is just talking to your priest.

And the thing about the Bible is it’s written down. A therapist can change his diagnosis just like that and there’s no way of calling him out on it.

Let’s get back to the attack. Why didn’t the cops come in earlier? It seemed like the killing went on forever.

The press heard some kids were locked away in rooms so they reported it as a hostage situation. Those kids were hiding. This misinformation meant the cops set up outside for a negotiation while inside dozens of people were dying.

The terrorists would go up to bodies and stick them with the gun. If they budged, they’d shoot them again. One girl got up and said she was scared. The guy said, “Don’t be scared, you’ll be dead in two minutes,” and then he shot her, BOOM.

The French are so concerned with racism, they’re letting Muslims get away with murder.

A day after, at the stadium, Muslims booed the moment of silence and we barely heard about it in the press. I saw Muslims celebrating in the street during the attack. I saw it with my own eyes. In real time! How did they know what was going on? There must have been coordination.

I’ve heard you say you credit your childhood with your survival. You had a real dad who stuck around and taught you about guns.

I knew what gunfire was. I was able to think through it. I was also able to remember practical lessons of my life because I had to be in fights as a kid. My mom didn’t go sue anyone. I didn’t have playdates. I had some practical upbringing growing up in the desert where you got to get yourself out of your problems.

Also, the reason I’ve done well with this healing process is everything I was raised to believe was affirmed that night. In a way, that’s a blessing of God. When the first bullets started being fired, people looked at me. I remember that. It pissed me off because I knew right then and there it was going to be bad. I knew these kids had no idea what was coming. None. They’d never heard a gunshot in real life and it hit them so hard.

Political correctness kills.

Davey [bassist Dave Catching] was in the middle of the stage and when the lights went on, he saw shit he’d never seen before in his life, awful stuff. It has no parallel. It’s not just death. It’s the most unsuspecting, innocent victims you can imagine—people who are gripped in terror and can’t move as a result of it.

It’s like a metaphor for all of Western civilization.

I watched about seven people die. A couple of them were three feet from the barrier. They could have fallen backwards and been alive but they were too scared to even turn around. I remember a woman just standing with her hands up in a surrender pose. The terrorist finally saw her and all she did was go, “No no no.” She surrendered to death in front of my very eyes. I was yelling at her, “HEY!” and I don’t think she could hear me. She was so terrified, I think she’d already given up.

Is it fair to say the liberal mentality created this need to surrender?

I will lay the blame right in its lap. When you tell people they can’t help themselves and that they’re children, you weaken them to a point where three feet away is life and they can’t see it because they’re too scared.

In a way we’re unarmed twofold. We’re literally unarmed and we’re also mentally unarmed.

It’s like the bleating sheep from Animal Farm. You suggest anything that strays from the narrative and this chorus of bleats comes to drown you out. This attack didn’t happen by accident.

I went to Paris after the attacks and was disgusted by the lack of rage. They didn’t blame Islam. In fact, many blamed the Jews. They seemed more concerned with us promoting xenophobia than laying blame on the terrorists.

I hung out with plenty of Parisians who were fucking pissed off, but it was mostly cops and military. During the attack, one cop finally realized it wasn’t a hostage situation and yelled out, “It’s a turkey shoot” as he charged in, holding his gun. He got shot right through the hand and into the neck and kept going. He took a terrorist out, chased another one into the hallway, who then blew himself up, and did it to another guy, who blew himself up on stage. Our amplifiers were a gory mess.

Did that cop live?

Yes, I met him in triage. I hung out with him. Great guy.

You went to the hospital?

I had pieces of teeth and human bone pulled out of my face. A girl got shot right next to me by the shooter at the top of the stairs who I had met earlier. She stepped one step in front of me and her head just exploded. It blew pieces of her teeth and skull into my face.

Why don’t we hear about this?

The media wants to summarize it, and important details get lost. The most important detail being when they started shooting, they were already inside. If they were hanging out enough to let three people go, then they knew security dudes. They knew bouncers. They knew doormen.

Do you think a percentage of the security staff was Muslim?

I know they were. Look, security guards backstage are notorious for being dicks. They check your ID every few minutes and nobody goes back and forth without being checked, even if you’re in the band. This guy didn’t care what we did. He didn’t even look at me.

The only time he seemed remotely interested in us was when he said to my girlfriend, “Do you speak French?” and “Where are you from?” She said she was from Texas and he was getting frustrated because that’s not what he meant. Then she said, “I’m American” and he lost interest. I honestly think he was trying to determine if she was Arab or not. She’s Mexican and she could easily pass for Lebanese and I think he was going to warn her if she was Muslim.

I kept opening up the back door to smoke and that’s usually a big no-no because of the sound ordinances. I’ve played there before and opening up that door to smoke got you in big trouble. This time, the security guy walks right past me and anxiously looks down the alleyway in either direction.

Maybe one of the reasons the cops are so much more pragmatic about this threat is that they are the ones who have to go into Les Banlieues and confront these people. Naïveté is a luxury they can’t afford.

When the cops went in after the attack, they shut down, what, 450 mosques? They found recruitment material in every single one of them. What the fuck is wrong with us that we don’t know about that?

Parisians think everyone is innocent, but the cops don’t. They even investigated you.

I was a person of interest, yes. They interrogated me for four days. I ended up helping them a lot by getting cell-phone footage. It was the cops and the FBI who asked me about the promoter and the security. This isn’t something I brought up to them.

We had eight police officers in our audience that night. They all had the same conversation with their wives, which was “Should I bring my gun or not?” All of them said no. When we went back and played Paris again they stood in the same places they stood at the original show and they opened their jackets and showed me their guns as if to say, “Not tonight, motherfucker.” It was beautiful.

Islam is crying wolf about Islamophobia in order to anesthetize us and make us easier prey.

They know there’s a whole group of white kids out there who are stupid and blind. You have these affluent white kids who have grown up in a liberal curriculum from the time they were in kindergarten, inundated with these lofty notions that are just hot air. Look at where it’s getting them.


Cultural Enrichment

  • Antoinette and Louise Kaidi guilty of 23 counts including fraud, dishonesty
  • Convicted of taking thousands from the NHS in training and bursary costs
  • Also took false tax credit and income support payments from public purse
  • Carried out 12 year scam after both assumed so-called ‘ghost identities’ 

Hundreds of illegal immigrants using fake identities are free to plunder millions in benefits after the Home Office halted a major fraud investigation, it was claimed yesterday.

The claim came after the two final members of an African gang who pocketed more than £8million in criminal benefits were jailed.

Antoinette and Louise Kaidi lived in Britain under false names for 13 years and illegally made £560,000 between them in a ‘very sophisticated’ scam. It included fraudulent claims for housing benefit, income support, jobseekers allowance and student bursaries.

Two women who posed as sisters after buying false identities to then claim hundreds of thousands of pounds each in benefits have been jailed. Known by the assumed names of Antoinette (left) and Louise Kaidi (right), the duo pleaded guilty six days into their trial after the jury were 'laughing' at their defence

Two women who posed as sisters after buying false identities to then claim hundreds of thousands of pounds each in benefits have been jailed. Known by the assumed names of Antoinette (left) and Louise Kaidi (right), the duo pleaded guilty six days into their trial after the jury were ‘laughing’ at their defence.

‘It led to many applications simply not being checked properly and opened the possibility for fraudulent applications and subsequently fraudulent benefits claims,’ the source said.

The Kaidis spent 13 years using the identities of sisters from Togo in West Africa who applied for asylum in the early 1990s but never pursued their claim.

Louise is believed to be from Uganda and Antoinette is of mixed Nigerian-Ghanaian heritage but prosecutor Caoimhe Daly told the court: ‘We have no idea who they are.’

As well as pocketing huge sums in benefits, the pair trained as nurses in their fake names, claiming generous state-funded NHS student bursaries. Even Antoinette’s husband, with whom she has two children, was unaware she had a fake name until her arrest, the court heard.

At trial the pair kept claiming to be from French-speaking Togo. Antoinette said she was brought to Britain aged nine by her mother who forced her to work as a slave in homes around London. But she could not recall a single address where she was ‘enslaved’. She claimed her mother paid for a private tutor to teach her English, explaining why she cannot speak a word of French.

They were tried under their ‘ghost identities’ as their real names remain a mystery. They pleaded guilty mid-way through their trial because their defence was so ‘risible’ the jury was ‘laughing’ at them, Croydon Crown Court heard.

It ended a complex six-year investigation involving multiple government departments, councils and employers that led to 21 people being convicted, including the gang’s masterminds.

But a source involved in the probe said there were many more suspected fraudsters connected to the scam who had been allowed to get away with it.

Jordan Sebutemba was given a suspended sentence in April

Jordan Sebutemba was given a suspended sentence in April

‘We know of many hundreds of others linked to this group but the investigation has been stopped because the Home Office says there is no more cash left to pursue them,’ the source said. ‘We understand the problems it faces but it’s extremely frustrating. The lack of resources means we have got hundreds out there who have no right to be here who will be claiming benefits until they die.’

An unknown Home Office ‘mole’, suspected of helping the gang claim false identities from the inside, also remains at large, it was claimed. The source blamed the original problem on the Home Office’s ‘Fairer, Faster And Firmer’ white paper introduced by the Blair government in 1998 which aimed to accelerate immigration and asylum applications.

Both Antoinette, a mother-of-two, and Louise, a single mother-of-three, cried as they sat in the dock at Croydon Crown Court. Sentencing them each to 33 months in prison, His Honour Judge John Tanzer told them their crimes were of a serious nature

 Both Antoinette, a mother-of-two, and Louise, a single mother-of-three, cried as they sat in the dock at Croydon Crown Court. Sentencing them each to 33 months in prison, His Honour Judge John Tanzer told them their crimes were of a serious nature.

After belatedly pleading guilty, the Kaidis admitted to 23 counts, from 2003 to 2015, including fraud, conspiracy to assist in unlawful immigration and falsely obtaining benefits.

Jailing them for 33 months each, Judge John Tanzer said: ‘The jury were basically laughing at the defence given because it was so risible.’

Fellow gang members Albert Kaidi, 31, a Rwandan whose real name is Hassan Kabanda, and Jordan Sebutemba, 30, who were were living on benefits at an address in Plaistow, East London, were given suspended prison sentences in April.