68-year-old Swedish woman feels deceived

68-year-old Swedish woman feels deceived

68-year-old Swedish woman feels deceived

An artists from the African country Uganda, dumped his 68-year-old Swedish wife after she had brought him to Europe.

The Ugandan artist Guvnor Ace (26) said in Uganda that he was madly in love with the 68-year-old Swedish woman he married. But when the couple came to Sweden he dumped her like a sack of potatoes and sought asylum in Norway.

The magazine Buzz Uganda reported last year of the marriage between the 26-year-old African man and the over 40 years older Swedish woman, which took place in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

“Some said it was a miracle while others said that love overcomes everything in their case,” wrote the newspaper.

The artist even released two singles in which he confessed his boundless love for the 68-year-old.

“The one you call elderly, I discovered secrets in her and she gives me love to the fullest,” reads one of the lyrics.

The singer was accused of “#DatingAnAncestor” for her money but refuted this saying “When we met, I had my own money. I was living well. True, she has her money but I love her for who she is. But we help each other financially, just like other couples do,” he said to Africa Today.

But after having brought the African man to Sweden, the woman soon realized that he had other plans than to spend his life with her.

He planned to dump her, which he did, to go seek asylum in Norway, and marry a young Ugandan woman instead.

“He told me to go shopping, and when I came back he had moved with her,” the disappointed 68-year-old wrote on Facebook.


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