Colored people most often love abusing animals

The San Fermin bull running festival in Pamplona, Spain is a cruel and barbaric event that takes place annually from the 6-14th July. 

The main component of the festival, the bull running, commences on the second day and will see many bulls subjected to the arduous mental and physical torture of being forced to participate in the bull runs before their public executions in front of thousands of jeering tourists in the bullfights that follow.


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    Diversidade é Genocídio



    Published for the first time in Editorial Streicher (

    The material in this article may seem incredible or radical to some people. This is totally respectable, but you must take into consideration that the content is based on the postulates proposed by true Initiates on the subject and by esoteric circles of great importance.

    What is the origin of the Aryan Race? Is it from this world? Of this dimension? Is the Aryan Race just one more ape as official orthodox science leads us to believe? Or does it have a deeper and more symbolic nature? If there is an Origin, a more perfect spiritual cosmos that is beyond the stars and that is called Pleroma by the Gnostics, beyond this created and material universe that, as described by Lovecraft in his endless nightmare visions, is populated for all kinds of monsters and horrors, without a doubt from this Archetypal Cosmos, from this plane that Plato called “the world of Ideas” is where the Spirit comes from, from there the Monad emerges, that is, the Higher Self that Jung called the Self. Currently science has managed to register antimatter particles, as they appropriately call it, which are probably particles of the Pleroma, of the spiritual universe or of Light, which filters to our Universe through the well-called dark matter, which, as its name indicates, seems confirm the Manichean belief that matter is synonymous with darkness.

    This antimatter or pleromic particles when coming into contact with Creation, that is, the imperfect universe of the Demiurge, produces a reaction of mutual annihilation since they cannot exist simultaneously. Of course, antimatter is only a degraded version that seeps into our dimension adopting the characteristics measurable by physics and whose real nature is Unknowable. This antimatter has been observed in very small quantities and for a short time precisely because of its nature contrary to the Material Universe, creation of the imperfect Demiurge.

    For this reason, when a monad that has freed itself from the flesh and has broken the barriers of the Lovecraftian universe, returning to the Origin, that is, to the Pleroma, sometimes they return to Matter to assist the unfortunate mortals and liberate their spirits from the prison of the flesh, must be disguised in the same matter, without being really material.

    These are the Tulkus or Avatars, that is, beings that, being enlightened, can return to the physical Universe adopting a material disguise, but only apparent. Some present themselves as kind beings such as Krishna or Buddha, and others as true monsters or demons because their nature is combative and their function is the destruction of evil entities, such as the Tibetan Buddhist deity Yamantaka, a monstrous buffalo with many arms and fangs. , or like the similar-looking Hindu goddess Kali, both trample on slain corpses and have necklaces of skulls around their necks. Through channeling by mediums in interwar Germany who belonged to the Vril Society, a mysterious and fascinating reality was revealed. The same that had already been explored before by some thinkers and that was kept in secret arcana in the Himalayan lands and in Tibetan lamasery. That the origin of the Aryan Race was not of this world. It is thus postulated that millions of years ago there existed on a planet that revolved around the Star of Aldebaran a civilization of a high spiritual, moral, intellectual and scientific level.

    Spirit entities whose chaining with demiurgic matter was really temporary, and therefore never felt too attached to a place. They were explorers so they spread and colonized neighboring systems including Orion and Sirius. The Ancient Egyptians associated these stars with their most important gods. The constellation Orion with the god Osiris and the star system Sirius or Sirius with Isis. The Dogon, a primitive African tribe from Mali, also accept that their gods came from Sirius and even have within their millennial belief that this system is made up of three stars, something that science is only discovering today.

    The Ainu of Japan, a Caucasoid people who appear to be genetically related to Hennewick Man and the Tiglit Indians of Alaska, believe their ancestors came from heaven. But who were these visitors? Zechary Sitchin in his book The Twelfth Planet, assures that they were called Annunaki by the ancient Sumerians.

    The Sumerians were a mysterious civilization that spontaneously arose some six thousand years ago in the middle of the Mesopotamian desert with a refined civilization of great advances in architecture, mathematics, politics, law, agriculture and, above all, astronomy (for they mysteriously knew that the solar system is made up of nine planets, with the appropriate sizes, even though Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered by scientists a couple of years ago).

    The Sumerian language is also a mystery that has not been clearly associated with any other language in the world, but in its culture, symbolism and religion it is possible to see evident Aryan features. Sitchin affirms thanks to his knowledge of the Sumerian language and the translation of its texts, where the existence of interplanetary wars, technological artifacts and scientific knowledge such as the genetic code is denoted, that the Annunaki would be large aliens who educated the primitive Sumerians who they considered them gods. But is there a reality older than the Sumerian?

    If the aliens from Aldebaran crossed the Black Sun, a black hole or wormhole located behind our sun (although not literally “behind” but on a different, spiritual plane) and also colonized the Earth that was populated by primitive hominids, simple animals. Some would be charged with the “divine spark” giving rise to the Cro-Magnon, the modern human, who would later exterminate the most primitive unfortunate Neanderthals. It would then be these aldebaraniums that were located in Hyperborea, a name that in Greek means “Ultranorte”, that is, that it was in the Arctic or Nordic polar cap, which at that remote time was much warmer, they would place their capital on the island of Thule , shaped like a swastika, which although surrounded by snow would have a peaceful wooded and tropical center with good greenery and a comfortable climate.

    These aldebaranians who raised the Cro-Magnons would be the aforementioned Watchers or Grimori, the fallen angels led by Samyaza who gave knowledge to men and are mentioned in the apocryphal Book of Enoch and who would supposedly be contacted using spiritistic and mediumistic methods (similar to the worn by the Vril Society) by Dr. John Dee and his assistant Edward Kelly in the 16th century.

    The Bible tells that the “sons of the gods united with the daughters of men giving rise to a race of giants”, the Nephilim. This is also mentioned in the Book of Enoch, written by the antediluvian immortal patriarch Enoch, Noah’s grandfather and who is said, like Ezekiel, was carried by the Visitors in a chariot of fire (a spaceship) and was granted the immortality for which he will return to Earth shortly before the end of the world and will be one of the “two witnesses” of the Apocalypse. These texts indicate that the Hyperborean Gods intermarried sexually with Chromañon women, that is, with anatomically modern humans, with whom they generated a race of true titans, half man half god, of great stature. This is the race of the Aryans or Hyperboreans (that is, already native to Hyperborea).

    The degradation would continue and the Hyperboreans would mix with the animal-man, the Neanderthal and the black-skinned homo erectus that inhabited the regions of Africa, giving rise to the black race. This racial sin was too terrible to be forgiven and caused a geomantic Cataclysm that destroyed Hyperborea and Thule, of which only Iceland remains as the last vestige. The Hyperborean Gods take refuge in the Hollow Earth.

    Although it is not literally hollow like an empty egg, it does have extensive vaults, vegetation, megafauna surviving from antediluvian times and conditions suitable for life that, accompanied by advanced Hyperborean technology, allowed them to constitute a magnificent civilization, which would later be described by Lord Lytton, the author of The Coming Race and who was initiated into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the English counterpart of the German Thule Society according to Miguel Serrano, and that according to the testimony of its founders Wescott and Mathers, its creation was guided by Invisible Superiors (Hyperborean masters?). Blavatsky also assured that the writings that he included in his magnificent works such as The Secret Doctrine and Isis without a veil were dictated to him by the Mahatmas, mysterious superhuman teachers from India and Tibet, one of them named Djwal Khul. If this is true, three esoteric societies the British Golden Dawn, the American Theosophical Society and the German Vril Society (ally of the Thule Society) would have been created by channeling superhuman entities.

    John Dee and Edward Kelly discovered a mysterious language by means of the aforementioned mediumistic techniques that allowed them to communicate with beings that they called angels and that they considered were the grimori or angels of the Book of Enoch, for which they named said language and its Enochian alphabet (Enochian ).

    Dee’s alphabet is very similar to the alphabet of the unknown lingua which was developed by medieval German mystic, fortune teller and nun Hildegard of Bingen while she was in a trance state and which she used for ritual purposes. This means that people of great spiritual evolution and / or with developed psychic powers are able to communicate with intraterrestrial / extraterrestrial Hyperboreans and that the Enochian Language is actually the language of the Hyperboreans or Adamic Language, that is, the original language of Humanity taught by the aliens of Aldebaran and prior to the confusion of languages ??at Babel.

    Notably, the Golden Dawn also practiced magic based on the Enochian system in its highest degrees. Naturally, not every entity in space would be benevolent. The occultist Keneth Grant thought that Lovecraft’s stories (which he wrote inspired by his raw nightmares) were also a psychic channeling of a gruesome reality. Lovecraft’s Cosmos was populated by monsters and grotesque evil beings, but all of them material. They were not spirits or demons of a mystical nature, but biological entities from other dimensions and planets.

    Grant considered that the famous Satanist Aleister Crowley also channeled different entities. Crowley, like Dee, acted alongside his wife as a medium in Egypt for an ancient Egyptian priest named Aiwaz, who revealed to him his new religion that he called Thelema. Years later Crowley would perform rituals that Grant would call the Works of Alamantrah through which he and his satanic disciples would open an interdimensional portal through which an extraterrestrial creature similar (as can be seen in the drawing made by Lovecraft) to the aliens would enter. Grays who have been reported responsible for horrific abductions where you torture people and perform humiliating and painful experiments on them.

    Crowley called this entity YHWH, assuring that it was the Hebrew god or Demiurge, although it is evident that it should not be taken literally and think that it was the Demiurge incarnate, but it can be assumed that there are evil and horrible forces at the service of the so-called Powers of the Matter and that, just as the Demiurge has servants in our world, he will have it in others.

    The next civilization to exist after the destruction of Hyperborea would be Atlantis, which according to legend was founded by Atlas, son of the titan Iapetus, who corresponds to the biblical Japheth, the father of the White Race and whose identity as a titan or giant tells us that he was a Nephilim. Other versions associate Atlas with being the son of Poseidon, the patron god of Atlantis, which for that matter is the same. Atlantis flourished as a civilization and would colonize many territories. It would be remembered as Aztlán by the Aztecs, Atl-antis by the Aymara of South America, Kumari Kamdam by the Tamils ??of India, and Hiva by the people of Easter.

    The myth of Atlantis would also be sheltered in Egypt with the mythical land of Punt, from where the Egyptians considered that they came. Analogously to how the Aztecs believed they came from a land beyond the sea, in the north, since the Aztec name derives from Aztlán, and the Aztecs called themselves Mexica, they rarely defined themselves as Aztecs until the arrival of the Spanish. Plato extracted the myth of Atlantis from Egypt. Blavatsky would say that Atlantis was divided into castes, each one respective to a color.

    The White Caste was one of the purest descendants of the Hyperboreans who exercised political power as kings and high priests. They were magicians and initiates.

    The Red Caste was the warrior caste. The Yellow Caste corresponded to that of the merchants and artisans, and the Black Caste were the servants, the workers, peasants and slaves, the latter the least pure and basically derived from the Neanderthal and the primitive animal-man. In addition, the non-caste would come, those who would be mestizos, the result of the mixture between different castes, marginalized by not having a place in the social order or a specific work, the non-caste dedicated themselves to black magic and fomented rebellion and perversions of all kinds in the lower castes, causing a Cataclysm again. Atlantis was destroyed by its carnal sins, but many of its inhabitants survived giving rise to the different races and peoples that remembered the greatness of the Atlantean civilization that built pyramids, hence we can see those architectural parallels in the supposedly independent cultures of the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Clovis, Egyptians, Hindus and even in the pyramids found underground in Costa Rica apparently created by cabécares [1].

    Blavatsky considered that these peoples (Egyptians, Indians, Indo-Aryans) all descended from the Atlanteans and hence their custom of making pyramids, which were sacred to the Atlanteans, since, among other things, they were solar and hierarchical symbols. In India would be where, according to Blavatsky, the Atlantean knowledge and its social structure led by the Aryans or Indo-Europeans, descendants of the White Atlanteans, would be more purely preserved, as can be seen in the caste structure. The Brahmins, high priests, are the white caste. The Sakias the warrior caste are the red caste. The vasya, the merchant caste, are the yellow caste.

    Sudras, the worker caste, are the black caste. And the Dalits, the Sincasta, the mestizos of the other castes, are the Untouchables. Different peoples have claimed that legendary ancestry. According to the Bible, of the sons of Noah who survived the Flood, the damned Cam who made fun of his father, drunk on him, would be the ancestor of the blacks who would be condemned to be slaves of the other brothers. Shem would be the ancestor of the Semites and the Jews count his descent from him to Abraham, then Isaac (from whom the Hebrews would descend) and Ishmael (from whom the Arabs would descend) would continue the bloodline. Muhammad claimed to be a descendant of Ishmael, and therefore of Abraham and Shem. Japheth would be the father of the Aryan or European race, different peoples also indicate this acescence in their own.

    The Armenians are considered descendants of Hayk, son of Japheth, and the Basques of Tubal, also son of Japheth. Serrano postulates the hypothesis in El Cordón Dorado that an Aryan tribe called the Habiru would make a pact with the Demiurge, betraying his Aryan brothers and the racial and blood loyalty that these Indo-Europeans kept with the Hyperboreans and their god, Lucifer. This tribe, the Habiru, would later be known as the Hebrews, who would mix with innumerable peoples, thus becoming an anti-race, but always keeping their devotion and worship to the Demiurge. His opposite, naturally, would be the Pure Aryan, who would not only be the heir of a warrior and conquering spirit, and of great intelligence, but also of unmatched physical beauty. Among the many blessings and glories that the Gods showered on the Whites, as an intelligence and forces superior to other races, he also gave them great beauty.

    Thus, Arianity is also aesthetic, as it is metaphysical, intellectual and political. This is more than evident even in today’s world, the Archetype of feminine beauty is almost universally associated with the white and Aryan aspect. Even the few black women who can be considered “beautiful” and have even been seen as “Sex Symbols” like Beyonce, Alicia Keys or Rihana are not pure black, but mulatto with white blood.

    Beyonce has Creole and French ancestry from her mother, Alicia Keys is the daughter of a white Scottish and Rihana of an Irishman, but, in the same way, they are part of a racial degradation and their supposed beauty is relative and is directly associated with their features white. The more “Aryanized” a woman is, the more beautiful she is considered and this is something that can be seen as an unconscious reflection in fashions. The Aryans would have inherited the warrior spirit, conqueror and explorer of their Hyperborean ancestors and these of the ancestors of Aldebaran.

    Wherever civilization is seen, Aryan influence can be seen; Much of China’s greatness is due to the Tocharians, Russia to the Varangians, and India to the Indo-Aryans (who also spread through the Himalayas influencing Ladakhis, Kashmiris, and Tibetans). The glory of Greece and Rome as civilizations and vast empires would be followed by the German blood that, after the fall of the Roman Empire, would conquer almost all of Europe.

    The Franks in Gaul, the Ostrogoths in Italy, the Anglo-Saxons in Brittany, the Varangians in Russia and the Visigoths in Iberia, the latter who would bring the Gothic Germanic blood to America through the Creole conquerors and explorers. As conquerors and explorers as the Anglo-Saxon British and the French Franks, and other forces that formed vast colonial empires that, although much criticized today for the “guilt complex” that they seek to impose on the white man, they certainly brought civilization, superior culture and technology to wild and backward regions.

    The credit for discovering America, however, does not belong to the pig Christopher Columbus or to the Jewish financiers who sponsored him (because these same Jews sought to have a “promised land” in America). The Vikings had come to America long before, which they called Vinland, where they would wage violent wars with the bellicose natives who were hostile to them, but the Aryans had arrived in America many millennia before, already since the Ice Age, as the Hypothesis seems to support. Solutrean of the origin of the American population, as well as genetic studies and the discovery of the Kennewich Man, a Caucasoid found in the United States whose remains date from about ten thousand years in the past.

    This migration of European whites in America would be the origin of the so-called “white Indians” [2]. The Book of Mormon, the sacred book of Mormonism, assures that once two white tribes who crossed the Atlantic and arrived in America, the Lamanites and the Nephites, went to war and the former exterminated the latter, reddening their skin in the process as punishment from God, thus becoming the ancestors of modern Native Americans.

    Naturally, this Mormon belief lacks scientific validity, but it may be a distorted version of an older and more genuine knowledge about the fierce struggles between whites and reds fought in prehistoric and much older times to European colonization, or it could be an altered memory. of the fight between the Hyperborean whites and the dark-skinned fallen and their tenacious confrontation. In any case, different historical evidences supported by serious researchers [3] seem to point out that the Vikings who arrived in North America continued their journey to the south, colonizing and civilizing the indigenous people.

    This would be the origin of Quetzalcoátle, the bearded and white god of the Aztecs, father of civilization and knowledge who promised to return by the Atlantic sea and who is, moreover, so similar to the Inca Viracocha and the Mayan god Votan ( Wotan?) Also white and bearded. For something the Incas received the Spaniards as gods, since their physical appearance reminded them of their god and they called them Viracochas [4].

    These white kings of the Inca Empire would have escaped after the arrival of the Spanish and would have taken refuge deep in the Amazon jungle where the existence of an entrance to the Hyperborean Intraworld is pointed out that only the initiates know and that is protected by hostile native cannibals adoring of the White Gods. Even so, its vestiges remain in the white and blonde mummies that have been found and among the accounts of the same Spanish chroniclers who claimed that some Incas (especially of the nobility) were whiter than the Spanish [5]. The Celts would also be an Aryan people, as evidenced by the etymological origin of the name Ireland; Eire Land, or Land of Aryans.

    The legend of the Hyperboreans fighting inferior races of beast-men will survive in the Hyperborean legend of the Tuata of Danaan against the hideous Formorians, similar to the German myth of the Aesir gods fighting the Jotun (ogres). The Celts would also spread eastward reaching Galilee, a white enclave in Palestine. The great historian and scholar Joaquín Bochaca tells us:

    Was Jesus Christ, humanly speaking, racially speaking, a Jew?

    Whoever affirms such a thing, he proclaims his ignorance, if he confuses race and religion; his contempt for the truth if he, knowing the history of Galilee, he claims that the Galileans were Jews. In his article The Myth of Christ’s Judaism [6], Bochaca demonstrates without a doubt that Jesus was not a Jew, since not all the inhabitants of Roman Palestine were, as one tends to believe today thanks to Hollywood propaganda. Galilee was politically and culturally isolated from Judea.

    Because of its mild climate and fertile lands, Galilee was a colony of Greeks, Romans, Celts (Gauls), and Scythians, all Aryans. There are different hypotheses about the origin of Jesus, Bochaca himself mentions that in one of the apocryphal gospels rejected by the Church it is said that Mary had been raped by a Roman legionary who was nicknamed Panther for her strength and bravery. This theory is supported by an investigative book by the Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, who was controversial before for having put a Nazi character as “the good one” in his film The Black Book [7].

    Pablo E.F. López Meza in The Aryan Warrior Bible postulates the theory that the fact that Samson and Jesus will be called Nazarenes (even though the city of Nazareth was created in the second century according to archaeological evidence, that is, 200 years after death Jesus) is actually because it derives from a nickname applied by the Jews to foreigners which means “straight-nosed.” Another viable hypothesis is that Jesus was not called a Nazarene, but a Nasorean, the name given to the Mandaean or Essene priests, anti-Jewish Gnostic mystics who lived in the Palestine area and were eventually annihilated by the Jews, although they left behind hers the Dead Sea Scrolls that they hid in a cave and were discovered in Qumran, in the 20th century.

    The explorer, adventurer and scholar of Cossack origin Nicolás Notovitch was convinced that during the lost years of Jesus, he had emigrated to India and Ladakh where he would have had contact with Buddhism, having even been in the Lamaist Monastery of Hemis, a Ladakhi monastery of the Kagyu-Drukpa Lineage, one of the most esoteric of Tibetan Buddhism, where he was known as Master Issa.

    According to Notovitch, the teaching of Jesus would derive in part from Buddhism, and without a doubt pre-Pauline Kristianity is much closer to Buddhist philosophy than to Judaism. Gruber and Kersten (1995) claim that the so-called Jewish community of the Terapeutae, who had great similarities with Buddhists, such as having monasteries and meditating, were actually a community of Theravada Buddhists that was located in Palestine and that influenced in Jesus.

    In any case, the presence of Buddhists in Palestine in the first century is not strange, since through the Route of the See different religions, including Buddhists, moved from East to West and vice versa. But whatever the case, the truth is that Jesus was not a Jew. Not even if he was considered an Israelite, since of the tribes of Israel ten of them were scattered throughout the world and, according to Anglo-Islamicism and Christian Identity, they gave rise to different white tribes such as the Celts, the Scythians and the Anglo-Saxons (although the recent DNA studies deny that this is true).

    Even some Gnostic thinkers like Luis Felipe Moyano seem to support the hypothesis that the Scythians and Celts are descendants of ancient Israelites, although this is ruled out by genetic studies. Not so in the case of the Pashtuns, the majority ethnic group in Afghanistan, they are considered descendants of the Tribe of Ephraim [8] and genetics have proven this, and the same can be said of the Menasha Jews of India, who claim to be descendants of the tribe of Menasés.

    According to Miguel Serrano in The Jews in the colored world [9], Editorial Streicher: Miguel Serrano – The Jews are not the Hebrews ( in both India and China the Jews would have been mimetized with the environment, they would have intermixed with the settlers making a momentary sacrifice to acquire their features and then reentrying themselves inbred and would have been assimilated into the population where they would become part of the local aristocracy.

    There is also genetic evidence that the bloody Lemba natives of Africa (who have preserved some repulsive Jewish customs like circumcision) have Jewish genes, just like the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia. Thus, it can be said without a doubt that of the twelve tribes of Israel some did indeed spread throughout the world, ten of them specifically, leaving behind two; that of Judah and Benjamin, who founded the Kingdom of Judea and from which the term Jewish derives, who in turn mixed slightly with the Turkmen-Mongolian Khazars when they converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages.

    Contrary to what has been said and the theories of the Jew Arthur Koestler who desperately tried to prove that he, like other Ashkenazis, was not actually Jewish, and that Ashkenazis are actually descendants of Khazarian Jews, genetic evidence shows that Most Ashkenazis, although they do have Turkmenongolic genes, still have a high percentage of Israelite genes as well and therefore a link to blood. Still it must be taken into account that modern Jews are, as their name implies, direct descendants of the Tribe of Judah and the Kingdom of Judea, while Jesus came from Galilee, a different nation.

    Before these the Jews could not avoid their guilt for deicide, that is, for having caused the death of Jesus, since of the twelve apostles, eleven were Galileans like Jesus (that is, Aryans) and one of them was the only Jew ( of Judea), Judas Iscariot. In addition to the fact that the members of the Sanhedrin led by Caiaphas would also be Jews of pure race and religion.

    Hence, the original teaching of Jesus was an Aryan, solar and Gnostic teaching, which was later distorted by the Jew Saul of Tarzo, alias Saint Paul, and which became the official doctrine of the Roman Church, although there were heresies such as Arianism. and Nestorianism that seemed to rescue the Gnostic theology of original Kristianity and that were popular among Aryan peoples, as well as among the Goths who were Arians for a long time.

    In a similar way to as another Aryan, the Nepalese of the Sakia Caste, known as Buddha Sakyamuni (sage of the Sakias) or Gautama, would found another spiritual teaching that would have a profound impact on Humanity; Buddhism. Religion directly connected with the Himalayas, where the arcana secrets of the Hyperboreans are kept and the entrance to Shambhala or Agartha, the Hollow Earth and the wonderful civilization of the Hyperboreans, the intraterrestrials, who in turn descend from the explorers of Aldebaran, These are the so-called Nordic aliens that have been seen by different people especially in Europe and Latin America and that have high technology.

    Some come from Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades, others come from the Underworld, others may even be normal humans from Germany, Scandinavia and other European countries who escaped in submarines and in the flying saucers that the Third Reich had secretly developed, hiding in Antarctica. , in the region known as New Swabia, where thanks to the technology of the Hyperboreans they manage to take refuge from their enemies, the rulers of the entire world, but who need genetic material from Aryan men and women to be able to continue adequately with the population.

    Charles Lindberg himself witnessed this astonishing fact when, flying through Antarctica, he discovered some flying saucers where Nordic-looking crewmen with a German accent took him to the interior of the Earth. Miguel Serrano also tried to contact this German colony on his expedition to Antarctica. And what happened to Jesus? The Pakistani Muslim mystic Mizra Gulam Ahmad in the 19th century claimed to have found the tomb of Jesus in the Kashmir region, where he had perished of natural causes at the age of one hundred and became a respected Buddhist monk, venerated as a saint by Buddhists and local Hindus.

    To date, the Roza Bal Sanctuary, located in Kashmir, and where the tomb of Jesus Christ or Yuz Asaf, as it is called in the region, is supposed to be located, is a place of veneration for Buddhist and Hindu monks who are considered descendants of Yuz Asaf (because even being a Buddhist monk, Jesus would have married and had children). The similarity of the name Yuz Asaf with Yeshua (Jesus in Aramaic) is really indicative. If true, Jesus did not ascend to heaven after the crucifixion, but would have emigrated to India, where he would convert to Buddhism, as is logical, since this is an Aryan religion much closer to his thinking than Judaism, and would have even left offspring.

    The position of Ahmad, founder of the heretical Ahmadi Community, considered a heterodox branch of Islam, coincides with some notions contained in the Apocryphal Gospels and in the heresy of Docetism, which postulated that Jesus, being an Avatar, whose physical body was only Apparently, he did not actually suffer the Calvary of the Cross, although other theorists consider that a difference must be made in Jesus, the man, who although he was an Initiate and a person of high spiritual level, was the vehicle of a higher mystical intelligence, the Kristos, who took possession of him from the baptism made by the Essene John the Baptist, main patriarch of the Mandaean or Nasorean Gnostics.

    We see a similar figure in Adolf Hitler, considered by Miguel Serrano and Savitri Devi an Avatar of Wotan-Vishnu. Did Hitler go into the same hypnotic trances? Was he, as Jung theorized, a being possessed by the Wotan Archetype, the mechanism by which he managed to hypnotize a German nation fascinated with their ancestral god?

    Did Hitler go into the same hypnotic trances? Was he, as Jung theorized, a being possessed by the Wotan Archetype, the mechanism by which he managed to hypnotize a German nation fascinated with his ancestral god? Miguel Serrano says in his article Hitler and Jung [10]: There is no doubt that for Jung the end of the war was a catastrophe, fearing that all his work could also be destroyed by linking him to Hitlerism, even if only in one way ” philosophical “, also because of his conception of the Archetype, referring to Wotan or Vishnu, so that Adolf Hitler, being possessed by Wotan, became an Avatara, thus” occupied “by an external divinity, extraterrestrial, as it would be said today.

    At the end of his days, Jung, and for the first time, declares in the prologue to my book The Visits of the Queen of Sheba that the “Archetype” would be a superconscious Entity; that is to say, a God, and not a “representation of instincts”, as his disciples had defined it until then. And Serrano argues in the same article about Jung’s position: Jung’s descriptions are reproduced there when he saw Hitler and Mussolini together, addressing a great mass concentration. While Mussolini was a normal man, “a human being”, so to speak, even sympathetic, Hitler was not, “lacking individuality, confused with the collective soul of his Nation, possessed by his Collective Unconscious”.

    And Jung added: “Not even by the Collective Unconscious of a single country, but of an entire race, of the Aryan race. And that is why listeners, even if they do not understand German, if they are Aryans, they will be taken away, hypnotized by his words, because he represents them all, he speaks for all of them. And if he does it loudly, it is because an entire nation, an entire race, is expressing itself through him. ” Thus, Hitler is the incarnation of the Aryan God Wotan. He is possessed by him, he is no longer a human being.

    And Jung comes to compare him with Muhammad, with the phenomenon Muhammad, and what he was and still is for the entire Islamic world. Hermann Rauschning, a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party in the “free” city of Danzig (who came to rule), in his book Hitler Speaks, relates a scene where one night the Führer told him: “The new man lives among us! He exists! I will entrust him with a secret. I have seen the new man. He is fearless and cruel. Before him, I have been afraid. “Another night, Hitler wakes up in his bed, screaming convulsively. Calls for help, sitting on the edge from the bed, he is as if paralyzed. He is in a panic that makes him tremble. He utters confused and incomprehensible voices, staggering and looking around with a lost air “It’s him! Is he! He Has Come Here! “He moaned. His lips were pale. Thick beads of sweat trickled down his face. Suddenly, he uttered nonsensical numbers. After a few moments, he yelled,” There! There! In the corner! It’s there! “. He kicked the ground and moaned. After a while, he calmed down little by little. After that, he slept for several hours and the next day he did not talk about the subject again. If true, these statements should be taken. in the proper context.

    Hitler was in a state of deep mystical trance, to which only great initiates of deep spirituality have access. Similar states of ecstasy can be seen in Tibetan lamas, shamans and dervishes, but only after an initiatory and alchemical process that transmutes them. It is possible that psychic contact with entities of such magnitude, with true Supermen, such as the Hyperborean beings of the Intra-Earth, caused panic reactions in any man, probably greater and much more extreme since Hitler himself proved to be an extraordinary man in many aspects and a genuine Mystical Initiate.

    The Aryan is a warrior by nature, and the archetypal representations of him can be seen in different cultural, political and military manifestations, sometimes opposed or paradigmatic. We see the glory of the heroic warrior in the pagan Vikings and in the knights of the Christian Teutonic Order. The American Ku Klux Klan emerged as a warrior movement made up of Confederate aristocrats and warlords who sought to protect their families and their way of life from Jews, Blacks, and other groups they viewed as enemies (such as Catholics and Catholics). homosexuals). This 19th century movement arose centuries before and totally independent of racial or nationalist fascism such as National Socialism, and long before the American fascism represented by the Silver Shirts to which Walt Disney belonged.

    Other examples of this Aryan warrior momentum, though perhaps quite crude (but an inevitable result of the current degraded social situation) are the Aryan Brotherhood and their allied gangs that formed in American prisons to defend white inmates from the threat they posed. the overwhelmingly black prison population, far outnumbering them.

    To some extent many of the Motor Club motorcycle gang also called “biker” are also representatives of this Aryan warrior spirit. Discounting those who have distorted the original free and warlike spirit, the use of Nazi symbols and the non-admission of blacks, Jews and other non-whites into their lives can be seen in overtly racialist and Wotanist groups such as Son of Aesir [11] and Pagans and in a sneaky way in more moderate groups, but still more racially homogeneous, such as the Hell’s Angels and the Bandidos (the latter who also admit Hispanics). Without a doubt, the creation of seasoned MC’s is a really smart strategy to preserve white cultural separatism in a non-violent and law-abiding way.

    But, without a doubt, one of the greatest representatives of the Aryan Warrior would be irrevocably the Skinhead, a true urban warrior who faces extreme and brutal violence from all kinds of outcasts at the service of the Zionist system such as Sharpos, Anarchists, Trotsks, Communists. , Reds, punks, corrupt police forces and a long scruffy procession, sold in the service of the Zionists, for those who work as laborers. The different manifestations of fascism of the 1930s, both those that came to power; Italian fascism, German National Socialism, Austrofascism, Hungarianism, Third Greek Civilization, Croatian Ustacha, Spanish Francoism, Portuguese Salazarism, Argentine Peronism, Japanese nationalism, etc., as those that represented unattainable efforts to come to power in other nations but attracted many of the best racial and national elements of their homelands such as the American Silver Shirts, the British Union of Fascists, the Rexism of León Degrelle in Belgium, the Russian White Movement, the Indian National Army, the Mexican Gold Shirts, Brazilian Integralism, Nazism Chilean, the Ecuadorian ARNE, the Socialist Falange of Bolivia, the Colombian Leopards, the Costa Rican fascism of the German Club that created the eagle monument in Cartago and many others from around the world, are in all cases an awakening of a tragically historical reality loss, of a survival effort of a blood call, of a was A metaphysical force that goes beyond material reality, a battle cry that resounds from the time of the Ancestors.

    In general, fascism is a cry of the Aryan spirit.

    Source: First published in the Streicher editorial (

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    • Viking Life Blog · August 22, 2021

      Interesting. But, being Germanic is enough. There is no reason to remove focus from the problems at hand, to search for a past that might or might not have happened.

      I don’t subscribe to being Aryan. I am Germanic, that is why I don’t understand one word of what the other “Aryan” races speak.

      From a Danish point of view, Arabs, Africans, Eastern Europeans, etc. invasives are all the same. People who don’t want to live in the shitholes that their race have created (“Aryan” or not).

      Poland is the country where most immigrants come from in UK, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and number two in Germany.


    • Viking Life Blog · August 22, 2021

      I don’t think, that there is anything else wrong with being Spanish. They have their own ways.


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