Boy, 13, asks for directions at tube station but gets robbed instead

Billedresultat for A 13-year-old was robbed at knifepoint after asking a fellow passenger for directions at Oxford Circus tube station. Read more:

Boy robbed at knifepoint after asking for directions on London Underground | Metro News

The teen had been making his way home around 2.25pm when he approached a man at the London Underground station and asked for directions on August 8.

Thinking the man was showing him the way, the teen followed him to another platform, where the man proceeded to pull out a knife and demanded he hand over his belongings.

Boy, 13, asks for directions at tube station but gets robbed instead


Rhinos Rhants #16 – The REAL POISON that’s killing us

Today on Rhino’s Rhant’s I go over the topic of what the real poison that killing us is. After getting push back from a past Rhant, I go over what and why this is the REAL killer.

Chris Kresser
The Diet-Heart Myth…

Sally Fallon & Mary Enig PHD
The Oiling of America……

Savage jungle ape parenting…


NJ Man Told 2-Year-Old to Put Up His Fists Before Punching Him to Death: Report

Zachary Tricoche, 24, was arraigned on murder charges after allegedly beating his girlfriend’s son to death.

Zachary Tricoche

A New Jersey man has been arraigned on murder charges after allegedly punching his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son to death, CBS Philadelphia reports.

According to the report, 24-year-old Zachary Tricoche got into a fight with his girlfriend because she didn’t buy groceries he liked. During the fight the little boy, identified as Jamil Baskerville Jr., reportedly became upset after Tricoche pushed his mother, the Associated Press reports.

Tricoche, the report indicates, told the 2-year-old to “put up his hands” to fight.

Jamil Baskerville Jr.
Jamil Baskerville Jr.TWITTER

Jamil’s mom told detectives that Tricoche punched the little boy so hard in the chest that he flew into a wall, CBS reports. The child got up, and Tricoche…

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