Romanian migrant jailed after raping and robbing a 69-year-old woman

Romanian immigrant who dragged 69-year-old into alleyway to rob and rape her is jailed | Daily Mail Online

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Romanian immigrant who had been in the UK for just three months when he dragged a pensioner, 69, into an alleyway to rob and rape her after she missed the last bus is jailed

Gabriel Lupu, 23, from Romania, admitted raping and robbing a woman in an alleyway in Worthing in May this year

A Romanian immigrant was jailed for at least ten years and ordered to be deported after admitting the rape and robbery of a vulnerable 69-year-old woman.

Gabriel Lupu, 23, dragged the pensioner into an alleyway after stalking her when he saw her take £200 from a cash point.

He attacked her after she missed her last bus home in Worthing on May 9 this year.

The woman, now 70-years-old, had decided to wander the streets of Worthing until she could get another bus home when she was approached by Lupu outside a Mcdonalds in the town.

He dragged her into an alley behind a branch of Barclays bank where he robbed and raped her, taking £200 in cash.

CCTV showed him running away with her bag following at the attack at 1.46am on May 9, 2016.

He left her in the car park and returned to dump her back when he’d taken the cash.

Despite a long history of mental health problems, the victim was described as a staunchly independent and energetic woman.


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