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I have never seen the “alt-right” addressing the Eastern European problem. I have tried many times to comment on their blogs, youtube channels etc. At least nine out of ten times, I would get a negative outcome. Most often the “alt-right” will insult me, sometimes give me a lame reply – like implying that I would prefere muslims instead or that “we should not make enemies” and of course just block me.

Will the “alt-right” help history repeating itself, finishing the job their great grand parents started in the 1930ish – 1940ish and finally destroy white Europe?

Since we opened the borders to Eastern Europe in 2004 we have been invaded by workers (at best) who will work for a salary to low for a white man. Eastern European are equal to Arab and African when it comes to crime and filling up our prisons.

The Eastern European people and especially there politician knew (very well) about EU`s immigrant and “refugee” policies befor they joined EU, but they wanted to join anyway because of economic aid and open borders to white countries.

More than 2 million polish people have left Poland (properly a lot more) after 2004. There are more than 800.000 in UK (properly about 1 million). We allready got a lot of polish immigrants befor 2004.

Eastern European is part of the demographic genocide, we are witness to!

And the “alt-right” seems to be supporting it!



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    Gay Slavocentric Anti-White Propaganda


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