Poland Europe’s Mexico

The map depicts countries by number of citizens who reported Polish ancestry.

Black: Poland
Brown: More than 1 million
Red: More than 500 thousand
Beige: More than 100 thousand
 United States 10,600,000 
 Brazil 3,000,000 
 Germany 2,850,000
 Canada 1,010,705
 France 1,000,000
Flag of Poland
A recent large migration of Poles took place following Poland’s accession to the European Union and opening of the EU’s labor market where they have had full working rights since Poland’s EU accession in 2004. The Polish community in Norway has increased substantially and has grown to a total number of 120,000, making Poles the largest immigrant group in Norway.
Poles are also the largest immigrant group in UK, Denmark and Iceland.
The population of Poland, Data of FAO, 1961-2014 ; Number of inhabitants in millions.

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