Mother-of-four falsely claimed £35,000 in benefits to buy a second home

Rejiya Mukith falsely claimed £35,000 in benefits to buy a second home

Mother-of-four Rejiya Mukith, pictured, admitted falsely claiming £35,000 in benefits

Mother-of-four Rejiya Mukith from Ipswich, Suffolk, obtained a mortgage for the £58,080 property in 2003.

She later used £35,000 in income support she dishonestly obtained by lying about her financial situation to pay for the home.

Ipswich Crown Court heard the 45-year-old had cheated the system so her children could get into the town’s Northgate High School which is rated Good by Ofsted.

Judge Rupert Overbury handed the jobless mother a 12-month prison sentence suspended for two years.

He said: ‘You committed a fraud on the benefits system over several years netting some £35,000.

‘You used the money to purchase a second property in order that your children might receive the best education you thought to be available to them.’

He added that it was his concern over the care of her six-year-old son which stopped him sending her straight to prison.

Speaking in mitigation Juliet Donovan said Mukith, believed to have been born in Bangladesh, came from a strict Muslim background, had no education and had not been permitted to work since she was married at 17.

Despite this she was expected to provide for her children while her husband, who runs their family-owned business, was away for long periods of time.

Miss Donovan said her client bought the second house because she believed Northgate High School was the best school for them to go to and she wanted to be in the catchment area.

Mukith used the cash to buy a second home, pictured, in order for her children to get into a better school

Mukith rented out the second home while continuing to live at her first home, pictured

Prosecutor Simon Gladwell told the court Mukith went on to rent out the second property, now worth £150,000, for £450 a month but didn’t tell the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) about this when she began claiming income support on 2005.

She did this while claiming to have no capital assets or income.

Mukith had previously admitted dishonesty failing to disclose to the DWP that she was the owner of a capital asset when she claimed income support.

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