Racist Polish sisters who savagely attacked Britons SPARED JAIL

POLISH sisters who attacked three English girls and chanted “Poland rule the world” in a savage racist attack have escaped jail.

The girls racially abused three British women

Aleksandra Mut, 23, and her sibling Angelika, 20, lashed out after two men they were with began flirting with three Britons at the end of a night out.

The girls tried to laugh off the advances but the Mut sisters became aggressive.They shouted: “Oh, do you want the English slut b*****s?”

Aleksandra, who along with her sister came to Britain with their family under EU freedom of movement laws, told one of the girls: “Don’t mess with us Polish girls.’’

She then shouted “do you want to fight?’’ before the sisters attacked the women.

The sisters spat in Jade Ellis’s face, kicked her in the head, repeatedly punched her and throttled her with the leather strap of a handbag.

Her injuried included “claw shaped” scratches to her back, fractured toes and she had her hair ripped out.

Alexandra Chambers was hit in the face with the heel of a stiletto shoe leaving her with a cut needing six stitches.Rheann Burrows suffered scratches in the savage attack at 3am on August 15.

The Mut sisters, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, were arrested after the victims got their names from eyewitnesses and found their pictures on Facebook.

At Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court Angelika, a mum studying to be a nurse, and carer Aleksandra admitted racially aggravated assault causing actual bodily harm.

But they were spared jail after a judge said they had “learnt a hard lesson” from their behaviour.

Paul McDonald, prosecutor, said as the two sisters left the bloodied trio they shouted: “Poland rule the world.”

Judge Timothy Mort said: “You will appreciate in this country we have many many nationalities getting on together.”If there’s any offence committed because it appears to be targeted at someone because of their background, skin colour or ethnicity, it affects the community.

“Very often in cases of this sort the courts are expected to impose custodial sentences.

“But I think you have learnt a very hard lesson. I think you both realise what a terrible situation you got yourselves into.”

The Polish women's friend

This kind of racist attack happens everyday to white people, all over the world!