Virgin cleansing myth

The virgin cleansing myth (also referred to as the virgin cure myth, virgin rape myth, or simply virgin myth) is the belief that having sex with a virgin girl cures a man of HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Anthropologist Suzanne Leclerc-Madlala says the myth is a potential factor in infant rape by HIV-positive men in South Africa. In addition to young girls, who are presumed to be virgins because of their age, people who are “blind, deaf, physically impaired, intellectually disabled, or who have mental-health disabilities” are sometimes raped under the erroneous presumption that individuals with disabilities are sexually inactive and therefore virgins.


A survey by the University Of South Africa (UNISA) in South Africa found that 18 percent of laborers thought that having sex with a virgin cures HIV/AIDS. An earlier study in 1999 by sexual health educators in Gauteng reported that 32 percent of the survey participants believed the myth.

According to the controversial Betty Makoni of the Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe, the myth is perpetuated by traditional healers advising HIV-positive men to cure their disease by having sex with virgin girls. In Zimbabwe, some people also believe that the blood produced by raping a virgin will cleanse the infected person’s blood of the disease.

In 2002, psychologist Mike Earl-Taylor wrote that the virgin cure myth may explain the staggering rise in child or infant rapes in South Africa, which is facing an HIV/AIDS epidemicUNICEF has attributed the rape of hundreds of girls to the virgin cleansing myth.

However, it is unknown exactly how common the myth is and to what degree rapes happen because of the belief in it. The claim that the myth drives either HIV infection or child sexual abuse in Africa is disputed by researchers Rachel Jewkes and Helen Epstein, as well as by research on convicted sex offenders in Malawi, where no evidence was found to support the idea that the virgin cleansing myth prompted any rapes.

Importance of education

Ignorance with regards to HIV and AIDS infection serves as a barrier to prevention in numerous African nations.

Education has helped women such as Betty Makoni speak out against the myth and attempt to dissuade people from believing the virgin cleansing myth.

According to UNICEF, culture-based gender roles that prize innocence and ignorance in girls and that accept sexual licentiousness in men promote this myth. Other cultural factors, such as girls being married to older men, increase the likelihood of HIV transmission. The disgrace attached to AIDS also stops many people from seeking information or health services to shield their status, contributing to further transmission.



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  3. Gas Mask · October 8

    I recall reading a while back, don’t remember well where it was, that some South African children die before they can even graduate from high school (I think they call it matrics course) because they die of AIDS…
    Even their teachers have that problem. Teachers die and do not get replaced so fast, etc.
    South Africa is the most blatant example of how a former White country sinks to the lowest depths when it’s ran by blacks. If you think about it, it went to the shitter in less than a generation.
    Now, returning to the beginning of my comment, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that child rapes have more than a fair share on the matter of teenagers’ deaths on SA. I bet that most (if not all) of these kids are black.
    Also it shows the low empathy these niggers have… They rape their own children so they can (in their own belief) get saved… They pass on the virus, for the sake of saving themselves… Pretty selfish shit.

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  4. Gas Mask · October 8

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    Pretty shocking stuff, if you aren’t aware of it. Read it…

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