“Child refugees” are coming to the UK. Why is the Jewish community so determined to bring them in?

The Jewish community has an extremely high opinion of its charitable efforts. Their strong Jewish identities and loyalty to their tribe are obvious, and it is wonderful that all that philanthropy makes them feel so good about themselves. But it might be worthwhile for the White British to ask what exactly is in it for them, apart from Kosher certification?

“Child refugees” are coming to the UK. Why is the Jewish community so determined to bring them in?


  1. wsigma · October 30, 2016

    “It is time to ask some searching questions about the real motives that lie behind all this Jewish selflessness. After all, a charitable disposition towards Muslims is not exactly a characteristic of Jewish life anywhere else and certainly not in the Palestinian territories. ”


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    • vikinglifeblog · October 30, 2016

      Good point. I am sure that you and I (and the people in our little circle) can come to the same conclusion, about the topic. I wish, that I could write something really cleaver about how we could reach the general public and change this terrible situation.
      All I can do, is making a few people visit this blog, my YouTube Channel and Tweeter. Oh yes, I have put up a few thousand stickers and a few thousand flyers in peoples mailbox. But that probably helps very little and only around where I life.


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