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Take the Jewish Holocaust Quiz!

This is the first time I ever have been 100% right in a test!


As part of the propaganda campaign to demonize the Germans, the Soviets and others forged many photographs which are often used to represent holocaust atrocities. Click an image to enlarge it.

  1. Famous Buchenwald Missing Man Forgery
    The odd appearance of the man leaning against the pole, especially where his shoulder meets the pole, as well as the fading left edge of his left arm, are dead giveaways of this prolific forgery
    Original Buchenwald barrack photograph
    The original Buchenwald barrack photograph was published in the May 6th, 1945 edition of The New York Times Magazine
    Forged Nazi tank hanging
    This forgery is relatively well done except that the angle of the light striking the women is substantially different than the angle of the light in the rest of the photograph. The photograph was captured near high-noon, but hers was captured a few hours earlier or later. This is apparent in her ground shadow and the lack of any shadow on the step her figure was placed on
    Forged History: Nazi tank hanging original
    The original photograph used to create the “Nazi tank hanging” forgery
    Forged Nazi bare-breasted women hanging
    Besides the odd appearance of the woman, the straight edge along her right arm and the soldiers abnormally long left arm and large hand give away this obvious forgery
    Original Nazi bare-breasted women hanging
    The Original photograph is far less dramatic
    Forged Nazi field execution
    This forgery is blatantly obvious for several reasons: 1) the stock of the machine gun is completely missing between the left arm and left leg of the girl on the left. 2) the horizon and grassy areas where the solider was in the original is an exact clone of an area slightly to the left.
    Original Nazi field execution
    Look closely at the forgery and the original and compare the horizon and grassy areas above the rock
    Forged Nazi hanging with geese
    Another obvious forgery, the two men are not looking at each other because the angles were changed when they were moved apart (the man on the left appears to be looking behind the one on the right). Also the the images of the soldiers and the woman were taken at different times of the day and the contrast is different
    Original Nazi hanging with geese
    In the original it is clear the soldiers are looking directly at one another
    Forged Nazi hanging female medical soldier
    Besides the very unnatural appearance of the woman, the man standing in the center of the original photograph was not completely removed by the forger; the left (his left) bottom part of his overcoat is still visible. Also the rope the woman appears to be hanging from is actually a pole in the distant background
    Original Nazi hanging female medical soldier
    In the original it is clear that the “rope” used to hang the women in the forgery is actually a pole, perhaps a utility pole
    Forged Hitler standing among holocaust victims
    An obvious forgery when compared to the original source image of Hitler
    Original Hitler standing among holocaust victims
    The original appeared as a magazine cover


  1. [S.Z.H.] Ôðal. ᛋᛉᚺ|ᛟᚾ · November 1, 2016

    Thank you that was a breeze. https://gyazo.com/15f49eb24b7dc4c967b53fb83feca5e2 I am bookmarking to pass along to my relatives.

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    • vikinglifeblog · November 2, 2016

      You where 100% right, well done!
      The test, is a great idea. I wish, that I could come up with something like that.

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