Christiansborg Bunker

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Christiansborg Slot – Christiansborg Castle

Floor plan of the former command centre under Christiansborg: in the Middle central commandoroom, left bedrooms and right meeting and office space.

Plantegning over den tidligere kommandocentral under Christiansborg: I midten det centrale kommandorum, til venstre soverum og til højre møde- og kontorrum mv. Foto: 2014.

The central commandoroom of Christiansborg, which was later taken over by the Bedriftværn of Slotsholmen (SHBVN).

Det centrale kommandorum under Christiansborg, som senere blev overtaget af Slotsholmens Bedriftværn (SHBVN). Foto: 2014.

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The total size of the command bunker was approximately 700 square meters and could accommodate 100 people. The summary, which is from 1958, shows the original configuration of the command bunker, which consisted of the following features:
1. Commandoroom
2. Telephone Central
3. Bedrooms
4. Meeting and accommodation facilities
5. Toilets
6. Communication
7. Kitchen
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Denmark was “ready” to fight against a Russian and Polish invasion.
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