1. D. M. Hutchins · January 1, 2017

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    You see, this is the primary element of the toxic nature of government. If you cant OWN your land, you cant protect your land either. Because the government owns everything, and we do not, we are not able to protect our lands or our selves. All white nations are under attack, and I cant see anyone doing a damn thing about it…

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  2. vikinglifeblog · January 2, 2017

    Good point. I haven’t formed an opinion, on how much smaller government I want. I guess, that people might feel closer to their government and that they “own” their country more in Denmark than USA. Or at least, they used to.
    Most private properties are properly own or partly own by the banks, anyway.

    “All white nations are under attack, and I cant see anyone doing a damn thing about it…”

    What ever people do against it, seems to be alot less than what they do to destroy us!
    Just another argument for prepping etc.


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