1. Rudolf · January 1, 2017

    Great tips, Viking!

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  2. jesh stg · January 1, 2017

    What Trump said about computers, my son told me many years ago:):) Didn’t believe my son back then, but now there’s so much evidence of it.
    Hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I would hate anyone of another culture, being forced on me.Am now living in the 4th culture, on a 3th continent, and as I have experienced people, in every race, culture, creed, or beliefs there are good and pleasant, and criminal and insensitive people. Hope in this new year you will meet some of the good ones:):).

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    • vikinglifeblog · January 1, 2017

      Thanks. I tryed to look up “4th culture” and “3th continent” but I didnt find any information.
      English is not my first language, so please bare with me. 🙂
      I agree, there are good, pleasant, criminal and insensitive people amongst all of us.
      I am danish and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. The content on this blog is heavily influenced by the extremely negative development here, doing the past few decades and elsewhere in the Western World. Of cause, it have had a very negative influence on me and my view on other people in general. But it hasn’t made me primitive, corrupted or hateful, just very tired. As a nationalist, I extend the same rights for self determination to other people as I want for my people. I think (for example), that it is sad that Bushmen and Hottentot people are suffering from similar problem as we do and I wish them the best. I would argue, that I am friendly, reasonable tolerant and open minded.


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