Schloss Dresden

Schloss Dresden, DDR

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  1. jesh stg · January 1

    A Happy New Year! Have been in the DDR several times, but not in Dresden. Wow, they did a beautiful renovation! Can’t figure out if also the left building in the 4th view was renovated?

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    • vikinglifeblog · January 1

      Thanks! Happy New Year to you, too! It could be “Der Dresdner Zwinger”, but I am not sure.
      The closest I have been to DDR was standing near a fence next to a apartment building in the northern part of West Germany. All I could see was the “no man’s land” with guard towers.


      • jesh stg · January 1

        Hubby lived for 3 years, and together for one year, in W-Berlin. So we went several times through Charley checkpoint to have vacation in the DDR and other East block countries
        .Am glad I met you now these guards and barbed wires have disappeared , Viking!

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    • vikinglifeblog · January 1

      I wish, that I had seen more from back then. Time goes so fast. When I think of it, the guards and barbed wires disappeared very quickly.


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