Hygge is Hot!

DAC Bladet

pronunciation | “hU-ge (hU is pronounced with the U sound, closer to hyoo than hoo; ge is short, closer to g than geh)

Quote source: Helen Russell, The Year of Living Danishly

Capping off a year where it seems like nearly every media outpost (including our ownStar TribunePioneer Press and Fox 9 Morning News) was either doing a story on it or proclaiming it the “lifestyle trend” of the moment, HYGGE was officially added to The Denmark Canon’s (danmarkskanon) values list after a nationwide online poll conducted by the Culture Ministry. In December, Timemagazine pronounced it “the Nordic trend that could help you survive 2016.” That same month, “hygge” wasshortlisted for theOxford Dictionary Word of the Year. All of this internationalhububsurroundinghygge didn’t exactly go unnoticed in Denmark. Articles in the Danish press are calling hygge Denmark’s newest successful export and doing their own wordsmithing to explain a concept that has been passed down generation to generation by experience.  

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