Kockums vs ThyssenKrupp – The submarine conflict


KockumsAB is a shipyard in Malmö, Sweden, owned by the Swedish defence company Saab Group. While having a history of civil vessel construction, Kockums’ most renowned activity is the fabrication of military corvettes and submarines.

Kockums worked with Northrop Grumman and Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) to offer a Visby-class corvette derivative in the American Focused Mission Vessel Study, a precursor to the Littoral Combat Ship program. It competed with several other concepts, including Norway’s Skjold class (part of a Raytheon led group).

The submarine conflict

Prior to 1999, Kockums was controlled by the Swedish state through the company Svenska Varv AB. Having implemented a highly advanced variety of the Stirling engine for low noise submarine propulsion, Kockums was considered to have strategic value for the Swedish Navy. However, in 1999, Kockums’ main competitor on the submarine market, the German ship-building company HDW, acquired…

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