Richard Spencer – Fake News Is Real

Richard Spencer discusses what’s really going on with the “Fake News” meme: the disruption of television and the gate-keeper media and the fragmentation of American identity, resulting in extreme political polarization.

He also discusses Mike Cernovich’s recent appearance on *60 Minutes* and why the real Alt-Right should never be a movement defined by people like him.

Schloss Berlepsch

Berlepsch Castle // Welcome to The German Fairy Tale Route

Berlepsch Castle is one of the outstanding cultural historical buildings of its region. 650 years ago, the Berlepsch family built the keep on its border. Preserved and protected through the centuries, it is a structure that stands for another era. The values of bygone epochs, where strength and honour united the people, rest at this spot.

The Berlepsch castle complex goes back to its foundation by Arnolds von Berlepsch in the years 1368/69. The medieval fortifications were repeatedly expanded and reconstructed in the course of the 16th century after the destruction of the Thirty Years War. Especially the remodelling of the 1880s/90s by the important historicist architect Gustav Schönermark shapes its visual appearance today. Already from a distance, the visitor is presented the striking silhouette of the castle picturesquely situated on a mountain spur at the edge of the Werra valley. These distinctive features make this castle a high-ranking cultural, historical and artistic monument.

The time-honoured walls conceal gorgeous premises which betoken the values of bygone epochs.

Schloss Berlepsch