Aaron Aaronin Aaronsen Aaronson Aaronstein Abba Abel Abelson Abendana Aberke Aberl Aberlein Aberlieb Aberzuss Abil Abrabanel Abraham Abrahm Abrahmsohn Abram Abrami Abramin Abramoff Abramov Abramowitz Abrams Abramsky Abramsohn Abramson Abravanel Abravaneln Absalom Abudraham Abulafia Abzug Achselrad Ackerman Ackermann Acosta Adele Adelman Adelman Adelmann Adelson Adelstein (ædelsten, meget værdifuld) Ader Adleman Adler Adler-Adonoilom Admon Adolescenti Africk Afrom (variant af Ephraim) Agosi Agozi Agranat Agron Agronsky Ahavah Ahikam Ahitov Ahl Ahuvah Akabiah Akashia Akiba Album (variant af Weiss Alcalay Alembik Alfandari Algus Aliyah Alizah Alkus Alper Alpern Alpert Alpron Alter Alterman Altfeld Altmann Altneu Altschul Altschuler Altshule Amdur Amdursky Amschel Amsel Amsle Amsler Amster Anastasios Anav Ancier Andrussier Anixter Ansbach Anschel Antman Antmann Anzieher Apel Apelopwitz Apfelbaum Appel Apt Apter Aren (variant af Aaron) Arfa Arkin (variant af Aaron) Arkules Aron (variant af Aaron) Aroni (variant af Aaron) Aronin (variant af Aaron) Aronoff (variant af Aaron) Aronoff (variant af Aaron) Aronov…

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