Schloss Hubertusburg

Billedresultat for Schloss Hubertusburg in Sachsen

Hubertusburg Castle

It was built in 4 periods from 1721 to 1753 and constructed by 4 different architects (Neumann, Pöppelmann, Knöffel and Schwartze). The castle-complex was intended to be one of the biggest and most extravagant palaces in Garmany and in Europe with a magnificent charisma of baroque art and culture, used as an hunting castle and the 2nd residence of The King August der Starke and his son Friedrich August III. He was not to live in his luxerious “home” for long, only 8 years.

Nowaday it is the most important point using more rooms of the “Hubertusburg” for exhibitions illustrating art or science, especially the palace of the castle complex including regional distinctions or other special events.


Schloss Hubertusburg in Sachsen.

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