Für die Zukunft III: Operative schatzkammer.


—————————— ᛋ ——————————

-90 Tage.

Triangular Ascension – Sexta Republica by: ChtonicApophis

Hello readers,  I intend to keep this update short,  employment has resumed following recent events and inclinations. The end of 2016 heralded not only a realization which redirected S.Z.H.ODAL into the aforementioned posts but also a shift into focusing upon immediate concerns. To briefly summarize my personal motivations,  in 2014 my father was diagnosed with his first stage of cancer,  I was laid off from work and broke up with my girlfriend all within the same year which drove me down the path of becoming “redpilled“. Over the following years I have grown increasingly disgusted with all so called conservative movements be it the “National Socialistic revival of Internet Trolldom” or the “Neo-Luddite Autistic Odalistic Consortium“. I have already stated my summary of both quasi-movements for better and worse. Added in light of…

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