Für die Zukunft IV: Der Bluthund.


—————————— ᛋ ——————————

-120 Tage.

[Bundeswehr] Wir Dienen Deutschland. by: WargasmPegasus


Disassembling the alleged purity myth of Autism(Aspergers H.F.A).

Disclaimer: To clarify however I do not consider myself better than others,  having an axis 3 personality spectrum myself,  it is said the superior man is not superior to others rather superior to his former self. I know for an absolute fact such an exalted frame of mind or state of being only motivates me more at present where others would simply accept defeat or use such as an excuse to not act or worse degrade oneself. One should not feel bad due to circumstances beyond one’s control but rather make the best of the given situation,  biologically,  environmentally or otherwise to one’s health and benefit of  our kin. Gravitate to the higher self rather than the lower self but also live reasonably and…

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