1. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · January 10, 2020

    If you’re interested I have provided a recent edit to this post.

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  2. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · January 10, 2020

    I have added elaborations on specific topics which I felt were too cut and dry ~ without proper context.

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    • Viking Life Blog · January 10, 2020

      Yes. It would be boring without Chocolate, Cacao, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Pepper, excotic nots and fruits and especially Potatos (which we can grow ourselves). Ofcause more deforestation is very bad, but transporting things like Chocolate, Cacao, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Pepper to millions of people takes relative little effort compared to global shipping in general.

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      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · January 10, 2020

        Yes certain individuals are absolutely senseless over what they choose to prioritize i.e. irrelevant items; peppers, spices, beans whereas there are more pressing issues. For instance; refined sugar, trans-fat, excess carbohydrates, artificial color, GMOs, MSG etc.

        I am more concerned with “Frankenchicken” then the so called New World imports of Colonialism into Europe.

        Additionally the the latest musings of a certain autistic Frenchwoman claims; “Fats, Carbs, Sugars” are superfoods. Make no mistake I don’t mean simple sugars but literally “refined white sugar” is literally being championed as a the *suppressed underdog of foodstuffs* and that every European should stock up..

        I don’t need to tell you how incredibly dangerous that narrative is, then again I am happy to not be a part of that household. Either way sucks to be whoever is stupid enough to fall for that lie-propaganda.

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    • Viking Life Blog · January 10, 2020

      Oh yes, “refined sugar, trans-fat, excess carbohydrates, artificial color, GMOs, MSG etc.” are much more pressing issues. Danish and even EU health and food safety authorities have been aware of corn syrup and trans-fat, but there are still plenty of problems.

      Claiming; “Fats, Carbs, Sugars” are superfoods is stupid unless you are marathon runner, mountain climbing or something similar. But only in short periods. Proteins on the other hand, are building blocks of life.
      They miss the point with balance is key in a healthy diet.

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      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · January 10, 2020

        Yes, Sugars, Fats & Carbs are more easily burned off with a highly active healthy lifestyle however I know “physically active” does not pertain to them, *sedentary* is more appropriate for this particular case.

        Speaking of Proteins said *French Household* only partakes of Meat-Protein once every 40 days which would explain an increase of erratic behavior and even more logical fallacies than usual as of late.

        Protein is not only essential for muscles but for nervous/brain tissue in particular higher-functioning aspects of the brain.

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    • Viking Life Blog · January 10, 2020

      “sedentary” is a good word.

      People who don’t eat Dairy and/or Meat-Protein usually get soy (high in estrogen) instead, also because nuts are much more costly (gram for gram protein). Which only support your claim.

      I think, cells in general are build from amino chains derived from protein.
      As I understand it, we can live a healthy life without Carbs, but Fat and Protein is a must have.

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  3. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · January 10, 2020

    Additionally redundant categories have been purged all posts within this similar vein have been categorized under “Krieg-Ethos” for ease of access.

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