Lee Priest Off Season

Lee Andrew Priest McCutcheon (born 6 July 1972 in Newcastle, Australia)


He did all the bodywork for The Hulk Movie and also for the video game.


Priest competed successfully within the IFBB for 16 years. After falling shy of a notable championship, Priest set his sights on his most elusive opponent The Ironman Pro. After ten years of coming in 2nd or 3rd, 2006 proved Priest’s year as the Ironman Pro.

In 2010, Priest was rumoured to compete at the NABBA Mr. Universe however this did not eventuate. He was invited by Paul Dillett to compete in the WBFF, but due to the lack of competition, he decided against competing.

Priest is also an avid racing enthusiast and champion race car driver. He started racing in 2002 with road-racing and circle track. Priest then progressed to drag racing in 2004. He won numerous races and titles in road and circle track. His most successful bid came within drag-racing. He won Rookie of the Year in 2005. The following year, 2006, he won the SCEDA Racing Championship in Lancaster, California.

Priest has also done some TV and movie work. He did all the bodywork for The Hulk Movie and also for the video game. In 2011, he appeared a local Australian TV series, Rescue Special Ops. In 2012 Priest was featured in the promotional ads for Big Brother Australia 2012.

Following a seven-year absence from competitive bodybuilding, Lee Priest returned in 2013 to compete in the NABBA Mr Universe where he won the overall title as an amateur. He then appeared as a special guest at the 2014 Universe Championships while he was on tour in the UK.

Priest joined MuscleSport Magazine in November 2014 and began writing a monthly column online and in their print magazine. He was featured on the cover of their Winter 2015 issue.

Priest is an outspoken atheist.



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