Secret Meeting of 20

Secret Meeting of 20 February 1933

The Secret Meeting of 20 February 1933 (German: Geheimtreffen vom 20. Februar 1933) was a secret meeting held by Adolf Hitler and 20 to 25 industrialists at the official residence of the President of the Reichstag Hermann Göring in Berlin. Its purpose was to raise funds for the election campaign of The National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

The German elections were to be held on 5 March 1933. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party wanted to achieve two-thirds majority to pass the Enabling Act and desired to raise three million Reichsmark to fund the campaign. According to records, two million Reichsmarks were contributed at the meeting.


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  4. Gas Mask · November 16, 2017

    Reblogged this on The Gas Mask Blog – Resistiendo al JWO/Resisting the JWO and commented:
    Look at Wikipedia’s and the court historians’ chutzpah! They fail to mention that communism, and namely communist rulers, at that time, were killing their own subjects… Did Uncle Joe believe in demockracy? Nope, he wasn’t stupid. He was evil, but not stupid.
    That’s what the Judepedia fails to mention. If Hitler and his party were to succeed in the struggle against communism, they needed all the support they could get! And the “democratic, capitalistic West” would pretend to do the same than Hitler… after they were done destroying both him and Germany!
    Hitler REALLY was against communism. The “democratic West” wasn’t and STILL, isn’t. That’s the difference.

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