Hexenacht 2017.


—————————– ᛣ —————————–

Predominance ‎– Cathedral Of Light By: Zyklon Ica

Featuring a rare early rendition of my much favored “Four Symbols“.

Walpurgisnacht (Hexenacht) falls upon us shortly and soon to be followed with Beltane observed in conjunction with National German Labor day (Not observed in the U.S.). I will shift from the cold objective rationale that was Der Bluthund into a more obscure method of decoding our natural order. Regardless still consistent to the overall Martial tone of this vehicle,  added due to the nature of this post I will be treating it as a one off until the appropriate time presents itself again.


At the start of the year I brought up my occult era however it appears the heathen  reaction to my past Khaos Gnosticist/Luciferian affiliation is as adverse and ill taken as the average God-fearing conspiracy nut,  even in light of the fact that…

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