Burmeister & Wain was a large established Danish shipyard and leading diesel engine producer headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded by two Danes and an Englishman, its earliest roots stretch back to 1846. Over its 150-year history, it grew successfully into a strong company through the end of the 1960s. In the 1970s, global competitive pressures, particularly from the far east, began to take their toll. In 1980, B&W became MAN B&W Diesel A/S, part of MAN B&W Diesel Group, a subsidiary of the German corporation MAN AG, with operations worldwide. The company still maintains operations at three main sites in Denmark for manufacturing, servicing, and licensing of its two-stroke engines and complete propulsion systems.


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  22. Viking Life Blog · July 20, 2020

    Allied bombing of B&W:

    Click to access clf_b_og_w_1943.pdf


  23. Viking Life Blog · March 2, 2021


    • Viking Life Blog · March 2, 2021


      • Viking Life Blog · March 2, 2021

        The last build ship was cut-up and recycled in 2016.
        There are still a number of B&W ships around, two tug boats in north west Denmark and one around Stockholm, a ship at Silkeborg Lake (Denmark) and two in the American Navy, plus a few more around the world.


  24. Viking Life Blog · April 19, 2021


  25. Viking Life Blog · April 19, 2021


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