Free Corps Denmark

Danish Free Corps members make an oath in 1941

Free Corps Denmark (Danish: Frikorps Danmark) was a Danish volunteer free corps created by the The National Socialist Workers’ Party of Denmark (DNSAP) in cooperation with Germany, to fight the Soviet Union during the Second World War. On June 29, 1941, days after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, the DNSAP’s newspaper Fædrelandet proclaimed the creation of the corps. Its formation was subsequently sanctioned by the democratically elected Danish government which authorized officers of the Danish Army to join the unit. The corps was disbanded in 1943. During the course of the war, approximately 6000 (about 8000 according to Oluf Krabbe 1903-1999) Danes joined the corps, including 77 officers of the Royal Danish Army.


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  5. Viking Life Blog · April 6, 2021

    For 75 år siden i dag blev militærenheden Frikorps Danmark oprettet. 7.000 frivillige danskere meldte sig for at kæmpe for Tyskland.


  6. Viking Life Blog · November 29, 2021


  7. Viking Life Blog · September 28


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