Top 10 Countries With The Tallest People

Top 10 Countries With The Tallest People

Here are the 10 countries with the tallest people

10. Australia: Apparently Australians are growing even taller. Australian men have an average height of 5 foot 9 inches. However, among the youngest men in Australia, average height is around 6-foot.

9. United States: The United States has a huge mix of different ethnic backgrounds hence the reason the United States is on this list is hard to simply explain. It is a country that has huge differences in health care, living standards, and diet. Additionally, some ethnic groups in the United States are very tall, while others tend to have a much shorter stature.

8. Greece: You may not associate the Greeks with height, yet here they are. The Mediterranean outdoor lifestyle of sunshine and healthy diet might be a factor here.

7. Germany: Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, German living standards have risen to be among the very best in the world. Nutrition and health are, therefore, very good. This helps to explain why Germans have been getting taller in recent generations.

6. Finland: Vaino Myllyrinne of Finland is considered the tallest soldier ever, having served in the Finnish Defense Forces. For some time he was (1940-1957) considered the world’s tallest person. He stood 7 feet 3.5 inches at the age of 21, but continued growing slowly until his late thirties when he attaining a final height of 8 feet 3 inches.

5. Estonia: A high quality of life may not seem to be a reason for tall Estonians, but one important factor contributing to their height may be genetics. The nation does share an ethnic background with the Finns.

4. Norway: Apart from the clear heredity influences, standards of living in Scandinavian nations are usually very high, with Norway ranked by the United Nations as having the world’s second-highest standard of living.

3. Denmark: Among military conscripts, Danish men averaged an impressive 5 feet 11 inches. Again, the Scandinavian genes and comfortable, healthy lifestyle are the main factors here.

2. Sweden: In this country the average height of guys is a towering 5 feet 11 inches. Are you starting to notice a trend yet?

1. Netherlands: The Netherlands is the tallest country in the world, where the average height of men is an incredible six feet. This is supported by the fact that the Dutch government recently promised to change building regulations to increase the height of doorways, as the population has grown in recent generations.

(Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany have a lot of immigrants dragging the average height down).



  1. ᛋᛉᚺ|ᛟᚾ · May 12

    Well that is a relief, I never considered myself tall really at 5 feet 11″ I’ve always considered it more of an intermediate height.

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    • vikinglifeblog · May 12

      Maybe you are more likely to notice those who are taller, than your self. When I was in Jew York, I felt that people was shorter. I saw a police man who looked shorter than the hight limited for our police women.

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      • ᛋᛉᚺ|ᛟᚾ · May 12

        Ha ha, yes I’ve never been to Jew York but I think it might be regional dynamics as well in the American Midwest the height for males is average between 5ft 11″ – 6ft 1″ tall. I’ve encountered many women ranging between 5ft 5″ – 5ft 9″ tall. Both men and women are taller than those on the Western Coast from my experiences, but of course the influx of Mexicans can impact my perception of that. I have encountered many squats as well typically Asians who are dwarfed by even women. Not just in terms of height mind you but bone mass and shoe size just as well. Not long ago I realized Americans have bigger feet than Germans as I had to order a size up when buying Bundeswehr surplus boots, I typically wear size 13D U.S. however that is the equivalent to size 14D in German.

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    • vikinglifeblog · May 12

      I think, I am about 5ft 11″ – 6ft and about 230 pounds.
      In 2002 Danish people consumed 145.9 kgs/per person.

      The US and the UK are among the few countries whose meat consumption levels have remained relatively stable. Surprisingly, it is not the US with the largest consumption (124.8), but Denmark with a shocking 145.9kg per person in 2002.


      The Danish meat consumption have gone down to 95,2 kgs/per person in 2009

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      • ᛋᛉᚺ|ᛟᚾ · May 12

        5ft 11″ 228 pounds here.The Midwest U.S. is still fairly meat intensive in contrast to either coast, exact statistics I do not know. However where millennial liberal hipsters(neo-boomers) have the largest influence meat consumption drops, however I can see it slowly begin to change as the aforementioned (((influence))) creeps in. I tried not eating meat for a time but I found it highly detrimental to both my physical and mental health after 6 months. I should also note I have made the observation that those extreme conspiracy types among so called conservative circles tend to be vegan, go figure.

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    • vikinglifeblog · May 12

      I think, that people in USA and Denmark eat a lot of meat per person. What is properly unique about USA and Denmark is that we also consume a lot of milk products.

      I am not proud of eating meat, but I too feel like I need it. I do consume a lot of milk products, about 100g+ protien powder. And then 100g+ protien through milk and meat. I try to eat fish once a week, plus fish oil every day.
      I would stop eating cow and pork, if I had to kill them my self!

      I usually weight train 3-5 days a week, depending on program and how busy I am. Plus one or two days cardio and boxing.

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      • ᛋᛉᚺ|ᛟᚾ · May 13

        Yes, I was first motivated to stop eating meat due to the cruelty of mass industrial slaughter houses, while I do no condone the conditions of such facilities I also realize in retrospect that such infrastructure exists at all because of the sheer size of our modern populations and so long as we’re a part of it we must make do with it, this is another example of ideals vs pragmatism. If I could raise my own life-stock I would probably have a much higher appreciation for the process which provides sustenance nonetheless Meat is important like I said not just for our physical well being but also psychological. Our brains need it just as much as our muscles, especially in war time when certain chemicals are vital to maintaining our edge on the field. These days however Fish, Eggs, Milk and Oats are large section of my diet, Pork is more accessible than Beef or Chicken now due to the influx of foreign Muslims. As far as exercise is concerned I most just exert myself upon traversal or do chin ups in my apartment. Jogging is a daily regiment 3 miles per day along with that I carry all of my supplies on my person when I trek to and from the grocers. Yes I do have a gas mask on my person 100% of the time, along with medical emergency supplies, eyewash, and a fully stocked down officer kit (I.P.O.K.) in my waist pack. This adds weight to my carry load and plus you really never know what events might transpire.

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    • vikinglifeblog · May 13

      Great. Stamina is very important, both regarding jogging and the ability to carry load over distance!
      And of course in self defense situations.
      Very nice prepping, I should at least have those things in my car.

      “I was first motivated to stop eating meat due to the cruelty of mass industrial slaughter houses, while I do no condone the conditions of such facilities I also realize in retrospect that such infrastructure exists at all because of the sheer size of our modern populations and so long as we’re a part of it we must make do with it, this is another example of ideals vs pragmatism.”

      Agreed. I often buy ecology meat and milk products, it have become popular and accessible here.
      But cost more.

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