Free Corps Denmark – Witness To Soviet War Crimes

Billedresultat for frikorps danmark soldat mishandlet af russerne

The man in the picture shows O. H. L (will not write the name, in the case of family), OHL, disappeared on 22 May 1942, as Free Corps Denmark from 2. and 3. Company should clean out a forests of Russians, which had penetrated through Free Corps Denmark`s area some days in advance.

Free Corps Denmark lost 6 men that day and one individual was reported missing, it was OHL.

OHL was born on February 6, 1911 in Taastrup (close to Copenhagen).
After session, he was transferred to the rest of Free Corps Denmark which was in Langenhorn Barracks in Hamburg.

Here, he was a part of Free Corps Denmark`s 2nd Company, under the direction of German Obersturmführer Harald Boy Hansen (fell during the attack on b. Dubovizy, 11 June 1942).

He was a member of The National Socialist Workers’ Party of Denmark (DNSAP), where he joined the 12 of January 1942, under member number 43 395.

OHL, was a member of the first team that was flown into the Demyansk Pocket the 8-9 May 1942.

It must be assumed that it was on his first front action he disappeared, this rainy may day in 1942.


He had been slightly injured by a shot in the hand, and had gone alone back against their own lines, what then happened is a mystery, but surely it is that OHL, was found when Free Corps Denmark attack the Russians at the bridgehead on 2 June 1942, he was transported back in a Zeltbahn (canvas/tent) to Free Corps Denmark`s 1. kompagni’s battle position , OHL`s eyes were actually dug out of his head, leaving only the empty caverns, cheeks was shorn up and forehead perforated by the characteristic triangular Russian bayonets.
In addition, his genitals was cut away and when you notice that the man had been lightly wounded by a shot through the hand and otherwise had no other wounds on the body, he must have met death under the horrible torment.
Before OHL, was buried Knud Børge Martinsen made as many Free Corps Denmark men view the corpse of the OHL as possible,  so the men knew what fate awaited them at the hands of enemy.
”That hardens the fighting morale, and the treatment of prisoners of war, they were not taken any prisoners that day ….” OHL was buried in the Frikorpsets cemetery at Biakowo.
Demyansk Pocket:


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