Das Bollwerk: Patriotische Technologie.

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The Bulwark: Patriotic Technology.

Strong Europe Tank Competition 2017 • Video Of All 6 Nations by Gung Ho Vids

Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017 – German Leopard 2A6 Tanks in Action by Military Material

Our winners in order,  the challenge surmised a test of team coordination in both simulated combat maneuvers and field repairs.

  1. Austria
  2. Germany
  3. U.S.A.
  4. France
  5. Poland
  6. Ukraine

 The Patriotic thing to do is praise not only your own folk but also technological craft applicable to the case rather than a low tier foreign imitation. Just because something is promoted as simple and efficient does not make it better as far as craft is concerned (AK-47s and Lada Nivas). Simple technology is more easily adapted by savages just like the case of the Automat Kalashnikov rifle with Arabs and Somalis or Lada Nivas/UAZ vehicles with Central Asians,  further innovation upon the base model is not…

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