Bunker Valentin

Luftbild Bunker Valentin.jpg

The Valentin submarine factory is a protective shelter on the Weser River at the Bremen suburb of Rekum, built to construct German U-boats during World War II. The factory was under construction from 1943 to March 1945 using forced labour, but was damaged by air-raids and unfinished by the end of the war. The Valentin factory was the largest fortified U-boat facility in Germany, and was second only to those built at Brest in France.

As a manufacturing facility, it differed from conventional U-boat pens, which were designed to house and service operational U-boats.


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  2. ᛋᛉᚺ|ᛟᚾ · June 4, 2017

    I recall the account of a bunker buster being deployed upon one of these U-Boat pens, the high quality construction forced the bomb to get stuck in the outer bulkhead detonating and collapsing one layer of reinforced cement however leaving the subsequent layer of bulkhead below it undamaged. The U-Boat pens not unlike the Flakturme and other such fortifications were one of the few structures to survive from the Third Reich due the sheer hardiness of German military engineering when faced with intense firebombing and later shell fire from Allies on all sides of the conflict. Unfortunately a lot of priceless architecture was lost and this fortification like many remain akin to derelict bones from an era many are not willing to curate.


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