Fur die Zukunft VI: Vorahnung Aufklärung.

“Protect the homeland from foreign flags!”


—————————— ᛭ ——————————

-164 Tage.

Wappenbund – Fremde Fahnen pt. II by: Catacomb Kitten

Schutzt die Heimat vor Fremden Fahnen! Schreitet voran,  und habt kein Erbarmen!


Protect the homeland from foreign flags! Go forward,  and have no pity!

Our hearts remain in the mountain,  the conifer forest,  our blood and soil eternally. So long as we retain our racial bulwark cultivating one’s highest faculties which drive us forward. Men march towards the horizon and eventually beyond the firmament,  to seize the upward destiny. It is the way of men to determine the course of civilization,  labor,  technology and war. Man determines how,  when and where to take one’s Volk beyond the threshold,  to hone ourselves into perfection and prepare one’s entire people/nation for transformation,  the next stage of our evolution aligned with destiny. Women are wardens of the divine in nature thus compliment man in this quest by preserving…

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  1. ᛋᛉᚺ|ᛟᚾ · June 17

    Hello Tom, I would like to add that the post has been completed in full with additional new content and photos.

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