Lennart Svensson – Science Fiction Seen from the Right



  1. ᛋᛉᚺ|ᛟᚾ · June 17

    This was a great segment, a true gem from a relatively unknown person although to be fair I wouldn’t consider Aldous Huxley as a good example for conservative literature. Admittedly I used to be a huge fan of “Brave New World”
    Still I fully understand the angle he is trying to establish though, what was depicted in B.N.W. is essentially a our degraded modern world down to the nuts and bolts of systematic nihilistic materialism.

    He made a good point about Issac Asimov as well, a lot of earlier Science fiction within the same vein steers towards the sterile technocracy which essentially represent the inverted sense of progress.

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    • vikinglifeblog · June 17

      I am glad you liked it, I enjoyed it too! As we have chatted about before, it is important that we have our own book, movie and music industry. Books and music is properly were we have the best chances.

      I have not been reading much science fiction, but i have listened to a few audiobooks and watched movies. Something I do enjoy!

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      • ᛋᛉᚺ|ᛟᚾ · June 17

        I used to read a lot of “Hard Science Fiction” when I was younger, note the genre as Hard is just like “Hard Art” to delineate low and high forms of such. I was also a huge Lovecraftian Horror buff and Blitzpunk enthusiast. However as of my 30s I no longer read any fiction a part of my redpilling was realizing the bulk of Sci-Fi is Anti-European propaganda such as the Man in the High Castle by Phillip K. Dick, Fatherland by Robert Harris, as well the entire Cyberpunk genre is a cesspit of Social Marxist ideas and Social Deviant Experimentation i.e. Race/Gender being a social construct to be transcended via Artificial Intelligence as just one slice to that horrid pie.


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