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  18. Viking Life Blog · May 28, 2020

    In 2005 the reconnaissance units of the German Army were restructured. The former Panzeraufklärungstruppe (“armored reconnaissance corps”), Fernspähtruppe (“long range reconnaissance corps”), Feldnachrichtentruppe and UAV units of the Artillerietruppe (“artillery corps”) haven been combined to the new Heeresaufklärungstruppe (“army reconnaissance corps”).

    Now the German Army is operating five reconnaissance battalions and five independent companies:

    Armoured Reconnaissance
    Aufklärungslehrkompanie 90, Munster
    Aufklärungskompanie 210, Augustdorf
    Long Range Reconnaissance
    Fernspählehrkompanie 200, Pfullendorf
    Airborne Reconnaissance
    Luftlandeaufklärungskompanie 260, Zweibrücken
    Luftlandeaufklärungskompanie 310, Seedorf
    Reconnaissance Bataillons:

    Aufklärungslehrbataillon 3, Lüneburg
    Aufklärungsbataillon 6, Eutin
    Aufklärungsbataillon 8, Freyung
    Aufklärungsbataillon 13, Gotha
    Gebirgsaufklärungsbataillon 230, Füssen
    Reserve units:

    Aufklärungsbataillon 910, Gotha
    Aufklärungsbataillon 911, Füssen
    Aufklärungsbataillon 912, Lüneburg
    Every Battalion (except the Aufklärungslehrbataillon 3) is structured in four companies: 1. HQ & Support Company

    The first company provides the battalion with communication, maintenance and transport.
    2. Armoured Reconnaissance Company

    The armoured reconnaissance company operates all Fennek vehicle of the battalion. They are organized in six platoons of each four vehicle. Two Fennek form a scout squad (Spähtrupp).
    3. Light Reconnaissance Company

    The light reconnaissance company includes three HUMINT platoons (Feldnachrichtenzüge) and one scout platoon equipped with six Dingo.
    4. UAV Company

    The fourth company operates the two UAV platoons with LunaX and KZO. There is also a radar platoon, equipped with eight Dingo and the new radar system BÜR.



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