It gets worse and worse: black man claims cafe logo is racist

  • Heated debate about a sign in Ærøskøbing. Now police must assess whether it is racist?
    Cafe Aromes ejer fik lavet logoet efter en tegning fra Tønder Kafferisteri. Er det racistisk? Foto: Cafe Aroma/Ærøskøbing
When you are not black, it might be a lot of fun.
The memories of that time, our ancestors worked with coercion in coffee plantations, where they were supposed to carry the coffee on the head for the colonial master.
When I see something like that I will be even more on display
So says Opawel Kore, who himself is black, the Fyens County Newspaper, which today can tell that Cafe Aroma in Ærøskøbing has been reported to the police of racism. It is the Café logo, with its old-fashioned drawing of a black worker frustrates Opawel, who is the only black nurse at Ærø.
-I’m the only black nurse on the island, and then I see something like that, and then I become even more on display. It is so frustrating, says Opawel, but you have to believe the majority of the more than 2000 readers on, who has the answer to the question: ‘ Racist or funny? What do you think about the poster? , so is the poster actually OK fun:
 Image result for Det bliver værre og værre: Sort mand melder cafe-logo for racisme
Damn a strange society we live in, it has nothing to do with racism, but pure humor.
It is such gradually, one must not make fun with a stick, so bother one tree. I grieve on many Dane pulls racism card right away, they may not like something, so they can hand and Pat say even on the back and say, look how good we are
-Move along because again, if there is something you don’t like, you will get a much better life, writes Kim Ø at, where the police notification has received more than 100 readers comments.
And Dennis J. agrees:
It gets worse and worse
It all just becomes worse and worse at home..
-Think that we have come so far that we have to change logos in advertising, take the jokes of a radio program, etc etc, writes Dennis refering to the debate with P3program LOL DK has created by allowing listeners to tell jokes about Negroes. And just exactly the debate, which was raised by Mary Consolata Namagambe, has the nation’s! own Ida H. written a longer post about.

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