A unavoidable conflict

When it comes to the demographic genocide of North and West European people, in North and West Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Time is a key point, the longer we wait the worse the conflict will be.

If we (the danish people) decided to kick the invaders out today, they would properly start rioting and maybe even start a full scale race war against us natives.

That would be 7 of us for each time there were 3 of them, if we wait a few decades, it would be 5 against 5, if we wait a few decades more, it would be 3 of us against 7 of them.

At the same time older and weaker people would take up a bigger part of our population, while their population would be a lot younger.

Trump and Brexit “victories” are only bringing a false sense of “moving the right way”.

It would properly be better to wote for the far left, because then we would get the unavoidable conflict sooner.




  1. Gas Mask · August 18, 2017

    Sounds interesting, in a way…
    I have a saying, but I can’t render (translate it) properly to English.
    The gist of it is that, if things are worse, it’s better for us.
    The normies are still fence sitters. They don’t quite understand what it’s at stake.
    Look at the Germany of the Weimar era, for example. It was completely in shambles. People was starving, the moral decay was evident, things like that. Look at Greece today, Golden Dawn (despite it being still not the governing party) fares better than most nationalistic parties… Greece it’s also in shambles, at least economically.
    Mind you, I don’t think that democracy will solve our problems. No. These are just examples…
    The general prosperity of most European nations is what blinds people to the invader threat. It what makes people oblivious to the facts of nature. If you allow an invader population to live in your midst, sooner or later you will be destroyed. If you bring more invader populations and intermingle with them you will be destroyed. Period! It happened to the Romans, who had lots of invader populations (it doesn’t matter than they brought them in, it proves my point anyway)… What do I mean with invader populations? I mean foreign populations…
    Rome became a multicultural mishmash. It became luxurious and decadent… Same as it is happening today in the West.

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    • vikinglifeblog · August 18, 2017

      You are absolutely right, prosperity makes our people content.
      As long as we are prosperous the invaders will keep coming, without any real attempt to stop them.
      More invaders = less prosperity. And the people responsible for it will very likely die of old age, leaving all the fighting to people who never had a choice.

      “Mind you, I don’t think that democracy will solve our problems.”

      I agree. Our democracy don’t have any self regulation.

      I think, Northern European welfare states are much more vulnerable and more likely to collapse economically because of low IQ immigrants. As I stated in my post, the sooner the better.
      Weimar 2.0 🙂

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      • Gas Mask · August 18, 2017

        That will make (hopefully) people snap out of their slumber…
        But people need also a conscience of (((who))) is the culprit of the problems as well. Fighting Muslims is a must but we shouldn’t lose sight of the dog owner…
        The jews.
        We had a nasty economical crisis a while back. People was UTTERLY pissed off with the politicians… but it defused by itself (the anger) when the economy improved… Now we have idiots who believe (and defend) the “democracy” and “political parties”.
        We probably need another socioeconomical crisis around here to make normies wake up from their slumber. Together with consciousness of the ultimate enemy: the jews.

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    • vikinglifeblog · August 18, 2017

      Yes, good points. I agree! We need to build on the ruins of yesterday (post multiculturalism).
      If people goes on the internet to find out about our problems, they are likely to find the true (((reason))).
      It is properly the first time since the 1930s, that information about (((them))) is so available.

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      • Gas Mask · August 19, 2017

        Good video. And yes, it’s true. Nowadays we have a trove of information available to our fingertips… that’s why the jews want to shut it down. Also, we are sitting in the shoulders of giants who went to great pains (in some cases) through the decades to publish that same information, or dealt with problems derived from the publication of said information. The late Zündel, Robert Faurisson and more come to my mind now.

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    • vikinglifeblog · August 19, 2017

      You are absolutely right!

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  2. Samira · August 19, 2017

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