Tony`s hypothesis of the current situation in USA

1. There is White group, descendants of White Settlers, who resent the manipulation of powers by non-integrating Jews and Colours. This first group thinks that it was itself who made Am. great. The 1st group wanted to take back their original powers and national wealth built with their sweats and bloods.

2. A group of Colours of mixed constituents: Descendants of Black slaves, Descendants of Latin Am. immigrants, Descendants of Native Americans (Am. “Indians”), Descendants of all other Asian and African immigrants. This group is fragmented.
Some in the group resent the wrong past treatments of their ancesters but the majority of this group is only interested in earning money, having many children. The group is not much interested in politics.

3. The group of half-Americans of dual citizenship who refuse to be wholy American and refuse to renounce its other allegiance. This group thinks that it has been “Chosen by God” to do what its members think is best for THEMSELVES. This group want a seperate identity in USA. Its members have already set up for themselves an empire which is beyond comment for anyone! They are good at manipulating financial establishments, government and laws.

4. This 3rd group of Half-loyal Am. imposed financial burdens (FRB interests, annual Foreign aids, Banks Rescue 2008) and collect their hidden tax on the other two groups for their own aims and created international conflicts (2 WWars, giving East Europe to Stalin, dislocating Palestinians from their own ancestral homeland, denouncing nationhood for Kurds, etc…).

5. The descendants of victims of those international conflicts pinpointed US as the cause and decided to right their (perceived or real) wrongs at the source by all types of wars, including using terrorism or immigrating to the US and overpopulate it as part of the 2nd group. The 3rd, half-loyal group want them in to weaken the 1st group.

6. The 3rd group now creates a fight of the 1st group versus the 2nd. This will weaken both fighting groups leaving the government system to only the 3rd, half-loyal, group. This gives them a chance to transform US into part of their foreign empire.

A hypothesis is only a hypothesis waiting to be refuted. In the mean while it explains all current events.



  1. tonytran2015 · August 18, 2017

    Thank you, Vikinglifeblog, for reposting.

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