WearsWar Fireside Chat #1: Brilliant Beginnings, Thank You Readers

WEARS WAR has moved to a new website!

Wow! That is some extremely defensive book burning on a huge well coordinated scale – just like in post WWII Germany! … You cannot help but begin surmising there must be one or more extremely dramatic global consequences if that narrative collapsed simply by bringing it into accord with the facts, without fear or favor.


Barely a couple of months have passed since WearsWar was created, we are amazed at the response! For a new niche site we did not expect to have more than 2,700 visitors and well over 10,000 views so fast! Thank you dear readers.

We can only conclude what we have suspected for a long time – there is a genuine appetite to discover, dissect and debate the facts of WWII. So the draconian social suppression and censorship laws are NOT WORKING!

It is not simply the growth in the number of page views on…

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