After The Firestorm – Debating the Dresden Death Toll

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Dresden Death Toll Estimates


The bombing of Dresden remains one of the deadliest and ethically most problematic raids of World War II. Three factors make the bombing of Dresden unique: 1) a huge firestorm occurred that engulfed much of the city; 2) the firestorm engulfed a population swollen by refugees; and 3) defenses and shelters even for the original Dresden population was minimal.[1] The result was a high death toll and the destruction of one of Europe’s most beautiful and cultural cities.

Many conflicting estimates have been made concerning the number of deaths during the raids of Dresden on February 13-14, 1945. Historian Richard J. Evans estimates that approximately 25,000 people died during these bombings.[2] Frederick Taylor estimates that from 25,000 to 40,000 people died as a result of the Dresden bombings.[3] A distinguished commission of German historians titled “Dresden Commission of Historians for the Ascertainment…

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