Courageous Michael

Vitaliy Timoschuk

Currently in the means of mass media is actively discussing a question of possible return to Ukraine of the former governor of the Odessa region and the ex-president of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili.
The media reported that Saakashvili is going to return to Ukraine on September 10 through the checkpoint “Krakovets” (Lviv region, on the border with Poland). He also said that thousands of supporters could join him.
The State Border Service of Ukraine drew the attention of citisens, planning ti take oart in these activities, on the fact that the entry, stay, residence, movement near the border of citizens of Ukraine and other persons operate in the border zone and the controlled border area is governed by the special rules. Border guards asked tourists during the period September 9-12 to choose other routes “in order to avoid possible inconveniences”.
Saakashvili did not exclude the possibility that opposition politicians would meet…

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