North Korean forced labourers had contracted to build Danish inspection ship

The state-funded inspection ship ‘ Lauge Koch ‘ is soon ready. In the cargo it stores the connection to a Polish (Polackistan) shipyard where North Koreans worked under force (forced labour) while their wages ended up with the North Korean regime.
For a number of years, the North Korean regime has sent forced labourers to Poland (Polackistan) to earn money for the regime on construction sites and shipyards. At one of these shipyards, the hull was built to the last ship of the Danish Defence.
The inspection vessel Lauge Koch, commissioned by the Ministry of Defence Equipment and purchasing Agency (FMI) at Danske Karstensens Shipyard, got the hull built on the Polish shipyard Crist during the period May to December 2014. And a group of 45 North Korean workers were hired to carry out part of this work.
It shows a contract concluded between Cris’s subcontractor Armex and the company Korea Rungrado General Trading Corporation; A company which, according to Dutch researchers, is owned by the North Korean regime and sends North Korean forced labourers to Poland ((Polackistan)), among others.
Together with three paychecks from the period July to September 2014, it appears how the North Korean workers were hired to build ship sections and make prefabrication on nine Norwegian and one Danish ship. The latter is NB428 or Lauge Koch, which the ship is called today.


  1. tonytran2015 · September 26, 2017

    The oversea based labourers are the privileged to the labourers at home.

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