1. tonytran2015 · October 5, 2017

    It is the right move for Poland.
    It is better to get money from Merkel than to let her waste that money.

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    • vikinglifeblog · October 5, 2017

      Yes, that is true. But Polackistan should get nothing, and we have already been giving them economic aid since the fall of the wall. The biggest invasion group in my country, are from Polackistan.
      These people are our enemies.

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      • tonytran2015 · October 5, 2017

        Germany paid money for the compensation of questionable number of Holocaust victims (6 millions or 2 millions?) then to the EU to let in the immigrants that they don’t wanr otherwise. Germany is feeding the Devil.

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      • vikinglifeblog · October 5, 2017

        Yes, I agree!


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