1. tonytran2015 · October 20, 2017

    Sweden commited suicide at the urge of A. Merkel.
    I would say that Sweden should give the refugees $US30,000 each and ask them to voluntarily go home.

    It is a huge cost, but it is worth it. Sweden’s fault was its participation in the stealing of Palestinian territory in 1948.

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    • vikinglifeblog · October 20, 2017

      Yes, spending money is nothing compared to loosing the country.
      Things are very bad here, but Sweden, Germany and UK are on another shitty level.

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  2. my little haiku · October 20, 2017

    The self-proclaimed first feminist nation of Sweden will reap its bitter harvest. Get some popcorn and enjoy the show! But don’t let the dispossessed feminists flee to your country to sow fresh seeds of self-destruction in your lands.

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