Volkswagen – How Big?! {They own Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche..}

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Volkswagen, pretty much everyone on the planet knows that name, but the thing is this company is a bit of a dark horse – they actually own a lot of car brands which you’ve heard of, in fact every fourth car sold in Europe is from the Volkswagen group. In this Post we’ll know about the intriguing origins, size and some Interesting facts about VW.
Volkswagen translated from German to English means “The People’s Car” and that’s exactly what the company was created for – back in 1937, To make a car for the people of Germany. In order to understand and really appreciate the history of VW, we must know where it all started, with a man named Ferdinand and a car called the Beetle. The beetle was the brainchild ofFerdinand Porsche, who was the son of a master panel beater. Porsche was born in…

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