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  2. Gas Mask · November 4, 2017

    That’s a good question indeed. Diversity brings nothing but problems, in the long run. Even its apparent gains get outweighed by the loses, by a lot.
    Say… do we REALLY need to sample food from each corner of the world, for example, by bringing the immigrants? It might be tasty, yeah, but, it is worth it? To me, it’s not.

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    • vikinglifeblog · November 4, 2017

      No! I agree, it’s definitely not worth it. We can make Italian and French food, so we should also be able to learn how to make Turkish, Nigerian and Chinese food. It is stupid beyond belief.

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  3. runnymeadeuk · November 7, 2017

    #StopInvasion #EndMassMigration #BetterOffOut #Brexit #ExitEU #Remigration #MerkelMussWeg #NoGlobalism #NoBolshevism

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