Saudis to Control World’s First Artificial Intelligence in Future City Neom

Henrik takes a closer look at Saudi Arabia’s new Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Future Investment Initiative that was held in Riyadh recently. Announced was an ambitious project, the creation of a new futuristic mega metropolis driven by Robots and Artificial Intelligence.

Despite warnings, mankind will move forward to build AI but the question is who will control it? Are we ready to hand over control to those that simply can pay for it?

Saudi Arabia’s push to “modernize” and move away from extremist Islam appears to be a front. The crown prince is most likely seeking these changes in Saudi Arabia for economic reasons, but also to look good in the eyes of Western liberal and Asian investors, entrepreneurs and creative minds that are eager to bring AI to life and build the future.

The Saudis want to be at the forefront of Robotics and Biotechnology and with their massive Sovereign Wealth Fund they will be able to attain technology that will give them a massive advantage over many other countries. Should the Saudis and their allies be in control of the most powerful inventions that the world has ever seen? Many brilliant mind have warned that this new emerging technology is something that is MUCH worse than nuclear weapons.

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